Asking For Your Number...

Why do men ask for your number and then not call?  I would rather they didn't ask because then I wouldn't get my hopes up!

myfathersdaughter myfathersdaughter
3 Responses Aug 25, 2008

Men ask for your number and get it because that's a little notch on their gun. I have never gotten a woman's number and not called, sometimes just to thank her for the pleasure of her company the evening before. Men will never figure women out, women will never figure out men. Both sexes have tried for thousands of years, but the satisfaction lies in the journey and quest for understanding. Ask some 95 year old ladies in nursing homes, they will all tell you that you will never completely understand men and vice versa. That's what makes it so intriguing and fun.

i like the way you think, dorobo. as a guy, why do you think some guys ask for a woman's number and never use it?

i never understood that either. if nothing else, i think it's just game playing on their part and they do seem to like their games. i would think that if i went through the trouble of asking someone for their number, i'm not going to lose it or leave it in my pocket only to be ran through the washer and ruined. this could happen i suppose but i don't believe it happens all that much.