A Very Serious Sistuation.

My father passed away in Feb. 2010, he was suffering from diabetes. Two days before he passed, I talk to him on the phone. He ask me to bring him something to eat because the people in the hospital he was in wasn't feeding him. It was a snow storm that day and I didn't have a ride. He said he ask my grandmother to bring him something but she couldn't drive in the snow. I told my dad the weather was bad out, he responded by telling me that the sun was shining and it was nice out. Just to let you know the hospital was about a half hour away. I knew than something was wrong. i tried telling him that it was snowing, he responded by saying he was just tired and they were there for him so it was time to go. I didn't want to get of the phone so I tried to change the subject I told him i loved him and he said ok baby i love you to. Bye. That same night I Had a dream there was a bus that pulled up I was standing on the corner. The bus stop the door open, and the driver was a black Shadow. It was a mans voice that told me to get in. I stood there for a few and he said are you coming. I started to step on the bus, one foot on the stair. I step back, he asked again are you coming. I stood there for a few again. i said no. I had never heard a bus door slam that hard and loud. It woke me up and my heart was beating so fast. The next day my father died. That Saturday after my father died I was in a car accident, car hit my car from behind. That same loud bang, i could hardly breath. It's been 5months and I still dream of my father. He reaches out for me to grab his hand. 7-19-2010 that night I dreamed of him again. I was at my grandmothers which is where he came back to when they let him out the hospital and where he passed away. i was sitting on the couch. My grandmother told me that she sees his face on the left side of the arm rest of the couch sometimes. At that time I wanted to see him so bad, I called out for him. Then his room light came on, he was in his bad, he looked the way he looked when I went to view his body in the hospital stiff, but he lifted up and reached out his hand and I went in the room and I held my Faber's hand again. My son which is identical to him was in the kitchen  in the dark, i keep telling him to come hold his grand fathers hand. He wouldn't come. i run in the kiychen light a match kitchen lights come on, go back to my dads room he was gone. I am my fathers only child my son is my only child. My dad was my grandmothers only son. I just want to know what all this means. Why does he reach out for me.
trinadoll2 trinadoll2
31-35, F
Jul 20, 2010