Why Do I Do The Opposite Of What I Should Do?

It's strange.  I'll sit and think about a situation for a long, long time and come to a reasonable conclusion.  Then, it will come time to put this conclusion into action and I will do the exact opposite.  I know better.  I just think that I think with my head but act with my heart.  That's asking for trouble.  If I can't rely on myself to do the things that I know need to get done, then why should other people?  And not only that, but how can I be deemed trustworthy by my friends?
RichardSimmons RichardSimmons
26-30, M
1 Response Jul 28, 2010

Either of your parents must have made you believe that it is the best to trust your emotions while making decisions. You know the right thing to do, which is what your logic dictates not your emotions, but you may be subconsciously believing that it would be wrong to ignore your emotions. This makes you feel guilty, because your brain is telling you that you are going in the opposite direction of what you were programmed into. Ignore your feelings while making a decision because they are always deceiving. You will never end up being happy after choosing a path based on an emotion.