I don't understand what we had in common, what we used to discuss, as all of a sudden any communication has become strained.  The intellect I once seen in you is full of holes and we seem to have swapped places.  I feel pity for you as you never appreciate what is in your life, and what brought us together I see now as being something that was not healthy in either of us, in that it was not healthy in the way you provided me with and was very much you trying to assert a power you had been unable to do in any other form.

I pitied you when I had to define certain things in our last conversastion such as the meaning of blessings and that how you know love when you know that your heart has found its home, and they seem evasive to you, you shoot each theory of life's enjoyment down with philisophy and pessimism.  We do not even have enough in common to remain friends so I wonder why on earth you would miss me and still attempt to turn to me.


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3 Responses Jan 17, 2009

i dont know if i understand you..... but you understand me and thats enough for me to love you =]


Sometimes i don't understand you either. The smart Lady you are. But, all in all ... i still love you. (((((Hugs)))))