Now Why Did I Do That?

today i went to george webb's to eat. i ordered a bacon cheeseburger with fries and coffee. my meal was ready in three minutes, ok maybe six. six minutes, i'll say. the fries everything but the bun and the patty was under cooked. i sent the burger back because of the bacon. it was still pink, i've never gotten pink bacon in a restaurant or anywhere.  when i told the waitress the bacon wasn't done, the cook came out and said oh you just want it crispy. no i wanted it to be cooked. when she brought it back to me, the bacon was all ****** up, like she burned it, there was cheese burned into it. i was pissed but hungry and i had other **** to do. i just ate it without the bacon. as i paid the bill i debated on whether or not i should just put down a dollar and walk out. i could have done it but i didn't. i have done it before. i am mad that i even ate it. i should have left it there and walked out but i chose to do the right thing. i wish i hadn't.
pariah pariah
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2 Responses Oct 3, 2007

all day i've been thinking, " i would've had 5 more dollars!" but you're right, i did what i did.

Ya do what ya do. You took the high road sweetie, it is not well traveled, so it is a little bumpy:)