Pls Understand Me

I don't know since when, but now i feel something different in my mind, i try to open my mind, think, think, think. Yahh. I wanna speak up to all. But, it's hard for me, b’cz i don't know why almost my friends scoff at me. ”wow, an advise”, ”know-all” or ”hyper”. I don't know why they doing like that, according to me it's soooo childish. I just wanna show off what wanna tell u about, i don't want being hyper or get the tribute. Sharing with others is my goal. I wanna we think each other what is life? For what we are living? Why i do that?, is that important?  


I love thinking bout our life, we can get an effect or motivation which can help us if we have no spirit.




lovelykikumaru lovelykikumaru
18-21, F
2 Responses Mar 12, 2010

i hope so :)

To many, believing is almost childish, but stay strong :) I hope you meet someone that truly understands you and can help you unravel the problems within you :)