Today I arranged to go into the city centre with my new friend Sara-Jade to go shopping. As we left Topshop to go back into the mall, I saw a group of guys walk in our direction and they were laughing and joking around. I saw the guy at the front, all i remember was that he was wearing a grey t shirt, look at me and I wondered why. as he got closer to me, he looked me straight in the face and said "You are ugly as **** eh"

At first I felt confused, because it didn't really sink in, and then really annoyed. I had no idea who he was. I think it's really, abhorrently rude to tell a complete stranger that they're ugly. I mean that did quite hurt my feelings. I appreciate i may well be ugly, but that's no reason to shout it to my face.

As we walked away my friend called him a scumbag and said he was wrong, and i felt
quite embarrassed because people in the coffee shop had obviously heard him and looked up yet no one cared enough to speak up for me, they just let him berate me like that.

I have come to appreciate that beauty is worth more from the inside so i wasn't upset as much as i would've been when i was younger, and i feel good about that. I'm just really hoping that some other girl he could've said that to only thinks the same way, because i imagine some would be affected really deeply by that, and some people go as far as committing suicide. So when we walked away, even though i wanted to hit him i released he wasn't wort the effort, and i began to feel sorry for any girl who'd go out with him.
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I found this that seems to help people with advice. I just thought I should tell people.

You are very beautiful. People's opinions differ on matters of beauty but its never right for someone to be so rude to another human being. Don't listen to him. He may not even have really thought you were ugly but was just trying to be mean to make himself feel better by putting someone else down.

Ya not ugly, ya gorgeous