My Roomates Are So Jobless Bums Who Never Leave And Smoke Far To Much Weed

My roommates are jealous of my active lifestyle, they never leave our apartment, they sit at home all day and not doing a single thing except smoke weed and *****. YET they have the nerve to constantly judge others. They would love to believe that they  are above  everyone else but in reality they are too insecure with themselves to ever actually go out and do anything.


They constantly complain about money yet neither one has attempted to go out and find a job. did I mention they both started dating out of nowhere? they thrive off doing nothing and never leaving our apartment.


they constantly ***** about how society has done them wrong, how everyone, and the world around them is "stupid".


I'm just excited to meet people who have a zest for living, moving out soon enough!

carlena carlena
18-21, F
Feb 16, 2010