The Double Edge Sword

My first instinct when in a confrontation outside the physical kind is to see the other's point of view.
This can be a double edge sword because depending on where I settle in the conflict causes more conflict.

For instance: Let us say you have a friend going through a divorce.
A divorce they didn't ask for but they are the primary reason for the divorce (i.e. they got caught cheating)
Your friend needs your support while they go through something so scary and trying but you can't help but feel sorry for their
spouse because of the emotional pain your friend caused AND you certainly feel the children are suffering the most.

Your compassion is at odds and you can very easily seem "cold hearted" as a conversation unfolds
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2 Responses Aug 9, 2010

My buddy cheated (more than once) then has the moxie to be all pissed at his wife for wanting a divorce<br />
<br />
You really see how weak a person is in those instances and I struggle between feeling bad for them and being put off

I lost a friend over something very like this. She had an infant under the age of one, and was telling her story of moving on to someone new in the most cheerful way. I felt sorry for her husband and was shocked by her cavalier attitude. We never worked it through and the friendship ended.