There are times in my life that I try to understand people and help them out, but they act like they already know everything and just push me away, I am okay with that but I am not  okay with people thinking they already know everthing. If we all knew everything in this world than why are we here? We are mortals who are sinful and don't have a dam clue about everything in the world, why some people act like this I don't know. But I am in my middle 20's and I don't know everything; I do know about myself to an extent and I do know the roads that I have been down and have taken in life, yeah there is someone else who is  going down the same path, but that dosen't give me the right to say " Oh I know how u feel"! The reason why I say that is because we are all different, unquie, but equal mortals. I cannot say something to someone that I don't have a clue about, I might have been down the same road that someone is going through, but I don't know how they feel or there emotions inside, let alone there struggles but I can be there for them to lean an ear to listen and a heart to care! I am so uneasy with people who take advangte of others in there time's of need and there struggles, when someone comes to u with a struggle all's they want u do to is liten to them and let them vent what they need to vent and not talk when they are talking, they just want u too listen so how hard is that? Uneasy emotions are hard enough to fight in life just like fighting faith with evil its hard enough, without someone saying to u, I know what's it like and I know how u feel. Everyone in this world dosen't know how another person feels, we might think we do but really we don't. This world that we call Earth is catoic enough and crazy beyonde words can say, and we shouldn't make another person feel something that they don't want u too when they come to u, they just want peace and a friend who care's, not someone to judge them and make them feel worthless and there life more catoic. Caos isn't a game and playing with someone's feelings and there emotions isn't a game either, its a human being who is reacing out for someone to just listen too them and help them find some peace in there life, by just being there for them. Unesay is deftinley a word that comes so strong too me when I see someone hurting and then I see either they have no one to turn too, or they have someone to turn too and they try to tell them I know what ur feeling. To be perfectly honest I cannot have much respect for people who play games and toy with another one person's heart and there emotional feelings, its like there heart is on the line and about to fall too the assfault and bust with whatever is left to die in cold blood because of feeling the pain and the emotions of being hurt again, so that's why I feel so uneasy when I see people all around this world and including here hurting others who are just looking for a good-hearted friend to lean on and let there burdens out. They aren't asking of much and they deftinly aren't asking to be hurt and ran over again, they just want someone to listen. I wish people would understand what I saying, because like I said uneasy is a feeling that's so strong and run's so deep, it boils blood like a candle's fire that has burned a house to a ground, another words it dosen't take much to hurt a human being who just need's ur friendship to pull them through struggles by just listing and really caring with all of ur heart!

                                    This Is What Uneasy Is All About Too ME.

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ty to goodseemore & all my friends

so true so true

Wow, what you've written is so true. Why is it sometimes easier for us to hurt someone than to just give them what they need from us? I know I've said, "I know how you feel". I try to catch myself though because like you said, it is how they are feeling, it's not about me.<br />
The best advice I ever got came out of an argument with a friend. She said "It's not all about you". I think about that every day and try to remember to look beyond myself and give without expectation.

Wow I think you spelled that out to a Tee way to go. Hopefull the message gets accross.