Some Things, I Just Don't Understand

      I don't understand some people.  My partner, for instance.  A transgendered person.  I am ok with this, except I don't understand why (s)he wants a wpman's body, but still wants a female partner, and wants to keep all the boy life interests and activities.  You would think you would want to leave those things behind, right?  It was convenient to be a boy while making a family of four kids, by two wives, only to essentially dump on all of them, in favor of wearing frilly clothes.  I just can't understand why more is not done to come to terms with the body onre is given, and why there is not more research into ways to help this happen.  It just seems unfair to make a life with another, create new lives, and then turn everyone's life upside down, just to be a physical parody of what one feels they should have been.  I do understand what it means to be dissatisfied with my physical body, but how can it really help to nip and tuck, knowing that inside, one now becomes a shell, not actually either gender.  There will be no pregnancy for the men who have their bodies altered to look female.  And a female who alters her body to look male will never really experience what a man does.  Is it really worthit?  Is it really good for society?  Isn't there another way?


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2 Responses Jun 21, 2007

It is not about saying a person should not chose, but maybe should be able to choose more wisely, earlier in life. I just don't think it is right to do as my partner did, and know there was an issue, and still make a family. It is wrong, sometoimes, when other's lives are torn apart by one's choices, especially if a ruse was involved.<br />
Also, I just wonder really how much satisfaction actually comes from the whole journey. It just seems too incomplete to me.

People are such complex creatures, perhaps (s)he cannot explain what they feel adequately to you, like the girl who feels she absolutely needs implants or the man who wants his **** turned inside out...I'm not those people, I don't know why they did it, but in a liberal society that attempts to allow freedom of choice these are some of the choices people make ...only a few people...and we want to be free and make choices ourselves just as they do, so that’s were it ends. We want choice; we have to be willing for other people to make what we might consider to be bad or confused choices, we can only exercise our choice to try and help them see our opinion on the choices they make and try to understand theirs.