I Talk To My Guardian Angel Everyday

I know how this sounds but I talk to my guardian angel all the time and he talks to me. The only person that belives me is my mother and i'm very greatful for that.

I talk to him and is like talking to anybody the only thing is that I can't see him. I belive that everyone of us has a guadian angel just wating for u to talk to him. For me sometimes I can't understand him very well or because everybody tells me that it's not possible to talk to angels well I doubt my self most of the time, but when things happens I know he told me I just didn't listen.

I know it sounds crazy but sense the years has passed I'm actually talking direcctly to him and i'm trying to belive more in me and in him. We all have a guardian angel but he is not the only one who works for us, there are others waiting just for u to ask for them. They are there just that they can't do much for u if u don't ask them to do things for u. Also they can't intervine with ur free will. The only thing that they can do for u is give u an advice, it's up to u to take or not but u have to remember that eather way there are consequences so if u take his advice u are going to be fine but if u doubt well, it's all up to u.

We can't blame the angels or god for the bad that goes in our lifes and there is not such thing as a punishment for doing something wrong, the thing is that is easier allways to blame someone or something for our own actions but that's not the way it works.

You have to listen and u will hear we all can hear them it's just that we don't belive anymore.


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It is completely possible to talk with Angels, and Spirit Guides, and pretty much any other spiritual being. You're also right about them only being able to step in with permission. Some other beings are the same way.
Although sadly, some of us are cut off from any spiritual contact. The only positive thing about being Blind (as I am) is that demons can't play with me.
Please stay confident in yourself, and tell your Angel hello for me.

I believe you! I've been speaking with my Angel for as long as i can remember. She speaks to me all the time just for me she speaks with me with feelings & imprints in my mind... When I'm not tune in I can't hear her as much so it's important for you to believe in yourself & trust in the message you are getting the more you do the more clearly you will be able to hear him. Love & Light

This happens to me too, and has most of my life. Thank you for sharing this. By any chance , since I know you wrote this a while ago, could you tell me how to tell the difference between your guardian angel and possibly a bad angel? I'm really confused, have been lately over an important decision in my ilfe.

My husband died in September and a girl friend of ours is suffering from brain and lung cancer. He never came to her while he was alive but now that he has passed away he visits her often. He doesn't say anything. Ralph had a great smile and stance. We called it his Outstanding pose, as that is the one word that comes to everyone's mind who knew him. When you ask him how he was doing he would always reply outstanding. I have no doubt that he would go visit her. I would want him to do just that. That is why I loved him so much.

Leene42: I do believe you. I have a friend who talks to her angels like that too. <br />
<br />
My guardian angel called me to in my sleep once but i was too afraid as i am not ready to communicate in that way yet. I meditate everyday and i am still learning more.

So do you actually hear his voice in your head or like normally?<br />
<br />
I have been trying to hear my Angels for a while now. I have been writing and talking and praying.... But I still haven't heard or seen them. <br />
Sometimes, if I ask a question, it is answered in my dreams - but that could just be a sub-conscious thing, right?<br />
I only seem to be abel to get messages from y Angels through tarot cards.<br />
I know that they help us whenever they can, and I love that. But I just want to be able to have a conversation with them like a 'secret friend'. Or see them.