Don't Misunderstand Me

Now if your reading this i don't want you take this the wrong way. This is in regards to the teachings of the church as well. 
There are some things about the bible i have some question with. 

what i don't understand is the notion is that if you do not accept jesus christ as your personal savior that you will go to hell. I know some very good people that are of different religions and some not so good people who say that they accept jesus christ. Also what about the millions of people in china who believe in buddah and as a culture have believed in that for thousands of years. Are they going to hell because of what they believe despite some being good people of good moral stature? Also there are murderers and rapists and terrible people who find jesus after they have commited terrible acts and  are they more worthy than someone who was raised to believe something else? I don't know. Maybe someone out there can help enlighten me or share your outlook on it.

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If I could just ask, have you ever read the Bible in its entirety? :)

Thanx for the inputs people. But getting other people's opinions is the very heart of the bible. It was written by Man. And Men/Woman are supposed to discuss it. Isnt that what bible study and Church is really all about.

Let's say you have some great friends over for dinner - they are compassionate, loving - work with people in need - selfless - real Mother Teresa types - but NOT CHRISTIANS. What do you do? Do you warn them that they are in terrible danger? Wouldn't you feel guilty if you didn't? <br />
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How would you feel if they were killed by a drunken driver on the way home and went to hell? And you'd failed to tell them about Christ? <br />
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Can you be a Christian and be a loving, respectful person. Can you be a Christian and not feel that you're better than non-christians. Can you be a Christian and feel comfortable hanging with non-christians? <br />
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Some Christians are haters and some are lovers? How can that be? Thank you for raising this topic - what do other people think?

Reading the Bible for yourself and no other person - I guess that is the way to do it. Do not accept anyone else's interpretation of it. That is what's wrong with our world today - people think their interpretation of the Bible is the only interpretation.

not to poke the proverbial bear nor to stir the hornets nest purposely, however ... thatguy, i beg of you to please retract your question. you are inviting millions of potentially and most likely misguided individuals to 'enlighten' you. you say you don't understand the Bible but ... have you read it? i mean READ it? there is a lot of understanding to be found when one will sit down and READ the Bible; word for word, line for line, in order from gen to rev. when you're done, do it again. you won't get complete understanding the first time through or even the 10th. your quest for understanding and enlightenment can only come through God's written voice (the Bible,) not through other people's opinions or what they have been taught. people have been taught by doctrine, by men, by churches and denominations ... think about it ... all those things are fallible and as history proves generally corrupt or corruptable. the only way to TRUE enlightenment is by receiving God's written voice repeatedly (reading the Bible over and over whether you understand it or not.) you will find that when you read the Bible earnestly, apart from the influence of man and man's opinions, doctrines etc. when you read the Bible regularly and in order you will find TRUE understanding and MUCH MORE of it than any fallible man can impart upon you. do you realize if you read for 30-45 minutes per day, you can finsh the ENTIRE Bible in just short of 3 mos!!!???!!! that means you can potentially, on that schedule, read the Bible 4 times per year which is more than most complete in a lifetime! it's a commitment you won't regret.

I 100 % agree with you!!!!

I agree with C for the most part ... but the denominations of the church is how people interpret the bible ... thats where the different den. come into play . I am southern baptist ... as C said God is not a mean and vengeful God he is a Righteous God . And when it says in the bible to " fear God " it doesnt really mean "fear " he is our father and he should be respected as any father should be . Even people who are " saved" so to speak are judged the day Jesus comes back ... being Saved is just a statement you really have to BELIEVE in Jesus ... to be Saved .. and we are all Judged ... and we are to wear crowns based on our actions ... We were all born of sin ... The reason we have missionaries that go to the third world countries is to preach the gospel .. and im not saying its the childrens fault because its not ..... its all a matter of upbringing if the children were raised to believe in Jesus then they would be christians that is their parents fault .. its even stated in the bible that adults should believe in Jesus as the children do with an open heart and mind ....

I struggle with some of the very same questions. I believe there are too many religions and denominations in Christain religion. Whose to say which is right or wrong. I believe we all have a different concept on who God really is to us. I don't believe that many people will go to hell this doesn't make sense to me either. Some people believe that we are already in hell here on earth. I have given that alot of thought. I was raised Southern Baptist and if their teachings are accurate then a good portion of the world will be going to hell. I think the Bible can be interpreted in so many ways that it is up to each individual to decide what it means to them. I don't believe in everything I was taught growing up. I still believe in God and Jesus so don't misunderstand me. I don't think our God is a mean or vengeful God the way others describe him. It is funny how many people find Jesus after they have committed the worst acts but then we are supposed to believe that people in China who may be Buddhist are going to hell.