Where Did These People Come From?

What in the world is wrong with the human race? We have everything we need to be wonderful, compassionate, intelligent; we have the capacity to be at peace with each other and the world we live on and in; we have the skills to lead by example ... yet, we throw all this possibility away on what?

Selfishness, meanness, small-mindedness, apathy, greed, intolerance.

There is more to this place than can be experienced in one life time. Why aren't we excited about it? We even know, approximately, what our average life span is.


We have about 70 years (disregarding accidents, etc). In 70 years, and that's about all, we have eyes and ears and get a chance to walk this lush planet, make our own contribution to it's story, and generally enjoy this thing called "life" with many creatures, plants, sunsets (and sunrises for those strange beings that are morning people) and awesome expanses of ocean, forest, mountains, etc. We have 70 years to make amazingly beautiful connections to other human beings: connections that can be filled with respect and love and comraderie.

That's all, folks!


Why do people waste a single day being petty? We don't have any verifiable proof that we will have another "life" after this (even though many, perhaps the majority of, people do believe in an afterlife of sorts) we still don't know this for certain. Even if we do have another life waiting, WHAT ABOUT THIS ONE? Doesn't this life count?


It does to me. It's taken me nearly 3 decades to figure out that I am the one who decides how much ugliness to let into my life. I get to pick my friends, choose my attitudes, choose ... well, nearly everything.

Yet I constantly run into people who are rude, disrespectful, uncaring, cold, mean, bullyish, and greedy. What is it that people think "money" will get them? To those people: look around! The world is ABUNDANT. The universe appears to be ever so happy to grant our wishes: if you want to be sad, you can be sad, if you want happiness, you can find it in the tiniest flower or animal, if you want to spend your time working at something, you make decisions that give you a life full of work, etc.

We are our decisions. Even when others interfere with our plans by doing their thing in our space, we have ultimate control of how we process that experience, what we take away from it, and how much power we allow it to have in our lives.

When people decide repeatedly to be mean, petty, ignorant, selfish, monstrous, etc. I wonder what planet they came from. This is a beautiful little blue marble. If you can't appreciate it, go live on a dead planet that will reflect your beliefs! (Okay, so we don't have space travel yet, but you get my feeling here, yes?)

Thanks for listening. Hope to hear from someone.


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1 Response Mar 22, 2009

I guess that means it's not a race (which I read as a competition, since GallusAnonymous said "we would have lost already"), so what is it? It's survival, we know that, and so far, we are "surviving" but I thought we were supposed to do a lot more than that.<br />
<br />
A helluva lot more than that. Are we perchance, not the most "intelligent" species? If not, then we need to go listen to the most intelligent species!