Maybe Money Rots The Brain

My son the trivia buff tells me that the world’s most expensive dessert is a rich chocolate sundae made with 28 different kinds of cocoa and containing edible gold, available from a New York restaurant. The price –a cool $28 000.

How obscene it is that such a product is available, and purchased. For the same amount that someone mega-rich may pay to indulge their gross appetites for perhaps half an hour, a thousand Third World children could be fed, clothed and sheltered for a month.

How can these people be so divorced from the reality of their shared humanity? Such profligate indulgence seems, to me, beyond the scope of the Seven Deadly Sins. Gluttony just doesn’t cut it. An eighth sin is required: Denial.

I know that many rich people are reputed to give large amounts of their personal fortunes to charitable causes. Many do it, apparently, without acknowledgement of their deeds –except, perhaps, by the Tax Office, as a tax deduction.

But many of the mega-rich seem hell-bent on becoming even richer, as though they had more stomachs than the average person, as though they were trying to sustain a thousand sensible, fulfilling lives, rather than the single life that we are each given.

Surely there must be a point, during their acquisition of riches, when these people think: I have enough; I have consumed more than my fair share of the earth’s finite resources and should stop. Or am I being too charitable in attributing to them such human feelings?

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3 Responses Feb 21, 2010

I guess it is all relative and comparative, clarkee. But hopefully we are not all so self-importantly excessive in our consumption as those about whom I was writing above.

i think its sickening but i wonder if we arent all like that to different degrees. when you put yourself in a starving persons shoes they must see all of us as pretty sickening and selfish. pretty demoralizing.

I am mighty glad I'm not the only one who thought this. I read about the edible gold thing, too, and I honestly don't understand why anyone would want to consume GOLD - then again, maybe it's all for bragging rights...<br />
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The 8th sin is absolutely right. Maybe they deny their role in this world.. or that they just don't want to let go of their hard-earned money... I don't want to expect people to give out their 'life's work,' though, MAYBE if I had even a quarter of what they had, I'd help out and let the hungry nations' children taste chocolate AND have a complete set of meals everyday.<br />
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But that's being idealistic of me... =)<br />
Thanks for sharing this though. Very enlightening.