Our Private Life to the World

I just don't understand him sometimes I swear I don't. For instance last night his Friend came over Mind you a friend I didn't know. So his friend says Hi to me and I smile and wave. They start talking and what not. I just sat there being quit. So Michael ( my husband) starts talking about our private life I get frustrated he just don't understand why when his friend left I ignored him and gave him attitude

Later that night while I was cooking another Friend comes over Danny. She seems Deperessed.When she Leaves He makes a Comment, " Something must be wrong". I made a comment back to him Maybe she has a man who doesn't understand Her... Ring a bell. That's when it all got started..

The whole you women are something else. Well I get defensive and tell him that he's just an *** hole with nothing better to do then make us women look like Fools... I meant it to. I mean what he said earlier that afternoon Pissed me off terrbily it's not what he said that pissed me off it's how he said it...

By the way he told his Friend he ties me up and Beats the **** out of me... (just joking of course) but it still seemed disrespectful to me...

Anywho Sometimes I just don't understand the things he does/ Says

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I wouldnt even take tht sht. With my boyfriend and an i (i call him my fiance), hes always a jerk to me. i kno how you feel, but i think you should try and talk to your husband and see if tht works, but dnt get an atittude because that can cause an argument.