Hhmmmm! What Does This Really Mean

I have been married for 12 years now and my ups and downs with sex seems to be like others here, but what does one do when your marriage does turn to the worse?  I still love my husband very much, but I see and know there is a wedge that seems to always be there.  There are medical problems that are involved in this equation and I get it, after reading many of the posts on here, it seems like many are saying that they would leave.  I honestly believe there is more than just sex in my marriage but not sure how to handle this.  I am not looking for a way out per se, just a way to deal while this "worse" part is in front of us.  Any suggestion? 

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1 Response Feb 16, 2010

I would definately support a divorce in all cases of abuse. Actually, I would support divorce in infidelity, one of spouses goes to jail/prison, and all types of abuse. But that does not mean to say that one should not try to save their marriage regardless of the circumstances, that is when it becomes between the spouses period. Yes I do believe he still loves me very much, and I do agree, everything is based on sex and what I find interesting is that there are so many people on here that have the same problem and it doesn't seem to be isolated by gender. The sad part is the spouse/signficant other gets labeled as the refuser. I think that is pretty low. Divorce is thrown around like it's nothing. I guess I feel the "refuser" is still a person, a person that has a problem and one that is very disturbing to both parties involved. Anyway all of this is just totally backwards to me.