I'm Not Alone In This!

a person wants in the present tense.

for instance, right now i want a cookie. if i wanted, i could go join a group entitled "i want a cookie". because i do.

but if i listed "i want a cookie" as a goal, that would really mean "i am making it a goal to want to a cookie" or "i want to want a cookie".

if you want a cookie, just click 'me too'! you're already fulfilling the group's requirement!

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i want to join! ;)

I spent some time thinking about this too. Eventually it hurt my brain, so I ended up deciding to give everyone the benefit of the linguistic doubt :g Silly vague English language... pass the scones!

i mean ultimately you should do whatever feels right to you. if you're feeling goal-ish at the moment, that's fine. it's your set of groups and goals, so you should do it your way.<br />
<br />
but i had to join this group, because i have already spent time thinking about the issue.

but you don't have to make a new group, you just don't have to join the group as a goal. you can join it as 'me too'. because you're wanting it in the present tense.

I commented on the other story. If we kepe making other groups to make all of you goals sound right, they would just group us all back together again. Like they do with our stories