I Don't Understand Why Men Feel the Need To....

......rearrange their, um, "boy parts" all the time.....
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I personally do it because it gets uncomfortable, however I try to avoid it in public

LOL, they just get uncomfortable and therefore need to be rearranged every so often, but I agree it's rude and we shouldn't do it in front of others! :)

It's just a change of position, you can't sleep on one side of your body all night, and the same goes for the "boy parts", specially if they got in an uncomfortable situations..

Where as we can't please everyone I commented on this topic a while back...Yes I'd agree that there is more to this than meets the eyes and for me I'd say it works on both sides of the fence...While many males think nothing of the urge to scratch away in public I might add those off limits places on they're body's that seem to be covered with tight attire or perhaps they are not keeping and or maintaining cleanliness on a regular basis do tell something about the individuals personality or are they just accustom to be doing this as a male trait or is it just bad manners taught at home from one or both parents...This is of course is the same for the female of the species but done in a different fashion and on different parts on the body thus,we have a social awareness of others scratching away that somewhat appears to be acceptable at any given time during the day or night...Do the scratchers always ask their partner to do the scratching for them...sometimes I'll bet as there is parts of the body that can't be reached easily...The most common of course is for males rearranging what bodily equipment is carried and stuck in a frontal position that gives the male more discomfort for varied reasons and I suppose women go thru the same or they would not be considered human so scratching and taking care of the itch I'd agree can become a normal everyday occurrence and in todays society I'll agree both natural and subconscious but still a very tacky habit to undertake in public so with that I can only say ''One good scratch deserves another ''.........

This might have already been covered in the other pages of comments but at least not in the first 4 pages. I get the distinct feeling that you think the guys know there doing it and not that it's a subconscious need to feel comfortable. I think guys think nothing of doing it because it means noting to us other then the itch stops or the discomfort goes away. No one ever saw a man readjust themselves and assume that they were ************ or being naughty, most of the time we scratch or readjust and no one says anything, we don't even know we've done nor do our friends notice or if they do they don't comment cos it means nothing to us.<br />
Now your ladies eye for detail is greater and the level of judgment between your own sex is much greater so that might explain why you notice it and we don't, it's natural and subconscious.

i only do that when i get a lapdance lmao!<br />
but when things get uncomfortable down there i go and hide to re set the jewels.l not all people are discrete about it

I do agree with you that rearranging is necessary.I do wear both male and female clothing and some times wonder why the designers don't take into account what is the most uncomfortable and confining part of the clothes we do wear.I can't figure out why womens clothes especially pants need to be so tight as ones eyes would pop out just trying to button them and walking wouild be more difficult....I suppose both men and women do scratch their parts rearranging not only the equipment but the undergarments they do wear and I remember having a teacher in jr.high that always needed to fix her bra strap over her right shoulder several times during the class hour while teaching at the same time so it's not always boys and men that have problems and the fact is that we all do,,If we were meant to have clothes on all the time then I would imagine that we'd be born with them on but thats not the case..Clothes only help restrict air flow and free movement thus causing why we need to make necessary adjustments as we do.There are no likes and dislikes as we all react as we need to and as we see fit and on this subject I could probably go on to the point of publishing a book so everyone is right and everyone wins because we're all human and that is the human condition like it or not ....

Would suggest you read all the other posts as they may change your mind....

Got to protest that most of us don't do the shifting in public on a regular basis. Those who do adjust "things" are trying to get your attention. Have you ever seen a male pigeon trying to attract a female or a male grouse performing? They, and the guys you've seen calling attention to their packages are saying to the world (females specifically) "I've got a GREAT thing here, don't you want to check it out and accept my seed? It's the obverse of women displaying their packages with short skirts and high heels and low cut blouses. We ALL want to be admired and to participate in the rites of procreation. And, if folks say they don't they are not telling the truth--or refuse to accept it.

I said to myself,I've got to read this one so I did and found some of your answers quite amuzing.My rendition goes something like this.Girls just don't understand the entire apparatus as a poor excuse for a design.The worst of it are the two golf balls in a bag which by the way is the poorest of all human designs.Yes they have their place and play a part in what makes a male itch them or try to get them out of harms way because if they are hit hard enough,the man goes down.As for the rest of the attached equipment,I think Elephants have it easiar because they can swing their trunks,pick up heavy ob<x>jects,use them for a way to eat,breath and can even raise them in a curled erect position to do all sorts of stuff.What can a male do with his trunk so to speak.Not as much as an Elephant but he sure has a hard time hidiing the buldge in his pants,has to rearrange it's position if what he is wearing is too restrictive,must scratch the itches if he hasn't kept it clean and during hot weather it's worse or going for it to calm it down if it gets to aroused while being around something that turns it on automatically which in some cases can't be helped because it seems to have a mind of it's own...The design in general would have been better if everything was retractable just like when a plane takes off it retracts it's wheels.The design was somewhat put back on the drawing board when animals started to evolve as their equipment is retractable with the exception of a place to stash the ball bag..Biological women have it much easiar as they have nothing to worry about with exception of what they do have to worry about but the male gender has to go around like a bunch of apes scratching,rearranging themselves for life or for as long as the elongated piece of equipment is attached.They do however in some case's have the ability to have it removed but for the most part they opt not to for fear they'll lose the pleasurable part which needs more scratching,tugging,pulling,stroking,rubbing and I NEED A DISCTIONARY TO COMPLETE THE SENTENCE..but after all said and done you wonder why males do that,it's simple,its the nature of the beast....Better go back to the drawing board ?????.

yes; if you gals had parts to rearrange all the time; you would do it too. Our balls (and penis) tend to expand/shrink with body temp; and outside conditions; so its a constant changing enviroment in our pants.

Well theres two things that could be going on. they could be in an uncomfortable position (generally will be a real quick adjustment) or they could be trying to make you look.

Sometimes we just need to. Walking with a hardon sometimes is uncomfortable and we need to mov him to the other side.

Its an absolute medical necessity. The blood flow to the flaccid penis is very small. If it gets pinched or wedged or just plain out of whack, a re-adjustment is crucial before actual numbness and eventual gangreen of the penis sets in.

because its part of an external body which gets in the way sometimes....but some men do it as a kind of signal, as if they were flashing a gun from within thier jacket, a sort of direct advert for attention to their "boy parts"

Has anybody ever seen becks adjust his ball parts? Bet that would be sight for sore eyes. mmmmmm thinking bout that one.

It moves around sometimes..they have to ajust it...I think.. :)

Maybe we should get a double boob club going eh!

I hate double boob syndrome and so am guilty of bra adjusting. I've got hundreds of bras n no matter how will they seem to fit initially, you can bet by lunch time i'm due an erm adjustment, discreetly of course. ( I hope) :)

meow? x3

We don't like to do it, it's more of a necessity. TheTardyDodo put it fairly well.

I think most men naturally hang to one side. If somehow it gets rearranged they need to put it back or its uncomfortable. My boyfriend was an EMT for 30 years and said with certain equipment they would use to transport people with they would ask men if they "dressed left or right" which basically means what side does your d*** hang so they wouldn't squash it.

YAH!!<br />
so tru!!!<br />
there was this one time i was in a room wit only my boy cuzin n his sis,<br />
n u noe,he was sitting right opposite me on the bed n he kept scratchin tht thing?!!!!!<br />
OMG!!!<br />

Lot's of reasons. Tight or uncomfortable pants or boxers. Sweaty and sticking to your leg. Ahhhh It's in the wrong position and feels abnormal. Everything is laying on one side. I can go on and on with this. Sometimes, just hold em' cause we can. You know, like Al Bundy. (Love and Marriage) LMAO

So those guys got hit by JourneyFullofnfestations invasion of crabs too then. Nobody is safe!

*nods* Maybe?


Flashback to Friday night there Red, maybe?

Why do i have this image of a man wearing a wig in a dress ...scratching. :(

this could well be because the ball-bra has not yet been invented! this could be revolutionary! <br />
<br />
really? only women can play? that seems sexist...

the 'Ball Bra' as you call it is the equivilant of the boxer brief. I don't think guy's would like the idea of the two fella's being 'separated'

Not sure the delicate souls here would appreciate more trying, many centuries of junk rearranging has failed to provide the optimal ball position, I suspect more rearrangement will not be any more successful? ;)<br />
<br />
Yes, question time is, by and large, another exercise in rearranging one's junk, only women get to play as well.<br />
<br />
Other parlimentarians direct questions to a given minister, and then the minister gets to stand up, and do some figurative ball scratching :P

omg thank you all for the very therapeutic five minutes of laughter that I just indulged in.

parliament has question time?

lol, awwww! >8-()


This is all your fault, JourneyFullOfItchyTesticles!!!

Oh my goodness , oh my goodness! :)

this is insane.

I read somewhere recently that it's the male's way of asserting his manhood, though I usually do it because my b-lls are pinched. You see, the left one hangs a little lower. It's the truth!

brazi's right - boxers do prevent things from getting more constricted. They even have breathable ones made of spandex now.<br />
<br />
Though many companies (Calvin Klein for one) now make 'boxer-briefs' which kind of keep, (I can't believe I am now going to use JessyJames' word here) "the junk in the trunk" as well as keep the "primary junk" loose, but together enough to discourage any potential need for re-arrangement...<br />
<br />
And hypothetically, if one WAS to go commando, it would be much easier for them to do so in jeans or pants that had a button fly, like 501s, rather than a zipper...<br />
<br />
Thankfully, it's an affliction I don't suffer from very often. <br />
<br />
And I agree with brazi, if you have the problem, you should suck it up until you can go somewhere private to fix it.<br />
<br />
This story has 100+ comments. Truly frightening.. ;)


i doubt such a thin la<x>yer of cotton would really provide much protection from zippers...but again, i really have no idea. it would be weird to have boy-parts for a day.

i know, what are the point of boxers?

Boxers are better for keeping the 'guys' loose which is good for some aspects of comfort, and also stops them from over heating too much, 'over heating' can cause low ***** production.

why not?

or marble, golf ball, tennis ball, and basketball? ;)

that's what i said in one of my comments somewhere in here. they should have ball-bras.

lol I was afraid of that. lol

i didn't even know what blue was saying at all....

huh. i guess that kinda makes sense. i hope he washed his hands after.

i'm all kinds of confused.

Sometimes you have to catch it before it comes out the cuff.<br />
But of course thats what socks are for.

dodo started the crabs! dodo started the crabs!!!!!

wow. i too was spared crab dreams, thank the heavens. this proved to be a very interesting one sentence story! ;)

Geez i go along at 90 miles per hour and need to learn to proofread at that speed.lol

If they hand free will we stop seeing the grab and jerk?

Good morning, i was spared no dreams.lol. Here it is , from this point on we will just walk up saying hi and adjust our body parts ... get it out of the way and it's all goodROFL

Very funny read.<br />
I think one of the main reason is that men do not tend to spend a great deal of money on underwear (unlike you ladies)<br />
Hence most underwear does not fit or support us as well as it should.<br />
I have had problems with rubbish underwear for most of my life (yes I was scratcher) so in the last 6 months started looking for something that would fit/support as it should.<br />
The first thing you find is that most good underwear is marketed for gay men. <br />
Witch seems to backup my idea that most men unless they are gay men (who in general take better care of themselfs) do not spend enough money or take time to choose the right underwear.<br />
I have found several makes that now hold me just right <br />
and indeed my fiddling is now a thing of the past.<br />
Sloggi and CK are good Clever are very good but you do pay a price for them.<br />
I recommend that you men out there invest in good underwear there really is alot of added comfort to be found. You also feel sexer and so my wife tells me look it to.

Uhhh.. We parked it wrongly? xp

Hoorah for JusDun!!! :D

Oh no it's starting all over!

They're everywhere?!?<br />
<br />
*package inspection*<br />
<br />

I hate bugs , yucky .

LMAO. :) Now?

Little mini invasions keep popping up all over the place!<br />
<br />
I now suspect than more than three dots may well be crabs invasion... o_O<br />
<br />

Great now i have when the saints come marching in stuck in my head ....

::slow clap for the dodo::<br />
that was nicely done.

me either.....lol

wow. i can't believe i looked.

i am officially denying any sort of responsibility for either of those horrible visuals!

There was a little graphic illustration of them all marching in!!<br />
<br />
Comment #40, I think.

when did i say anything about crabs?!? (am i losing my mind....?)

Rotten kid!

Don't forget jfol's lovely little depiction of an invasion of crabs!

yeah, that'll pretty much always clear a room........

Yes it sure did.lol.

Ick lol ...just the image is enough.


i suppose mine aren't mobile enough to need fixing...

See now breasts one area and *looking down* quite another.lol

Some women *are* always adjusting the boobs/boob-associated apparatus all the time!

Seriously what would you guys think if we were always adjusting our junk! lol

...hope everythings in order... ;)

Package check time!

hehe .




huh? i'm confused :(


Tardy, your comments were very funny. :) True, but funny...