Make Excuses

Girls, you know what I'm talking about..

all those lame excuses about why they haven't called you, or why they didn't text you, why they can't see you, etc etc.

what i wonder is: why tell me you're going to do these things to begin with if you have ABSOLUTELY NO INTENTION of doing them!

why do you make sure that I'm available Monday night for you, tell me that we'll meet up, when you know we wont? do you get a kick out of getting my hopes up? does it make you happy to know that I'm not doing anything because i set aside time for you? is it fun to stand someone up, or blow someone off like that?

why do you ask me if you can can call me later, when you dont? is it funny to think that I'm by my phone waiting for your call? funny that i was even looking forward to your call?



gahhhh! I'm frustrated.

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You know, as a girl I do that too - to men I'm not really interested in. I've had men complain to me that I take too long to reply to texts, or don't pick up my phone when they call, etc. I get irritated and come up with some sort of excuse. It would be rude to say, look, I just forgot, I wasn't thinking about you, I had other stuff, I didn't feel like talking to you. So instead I say I was busy, or forgot my phone, or whatever. If I'm really really not interested, I would end it - but if there's a bit of interest, I'd make an excuse to keep things going in case I feel like it.

This sure makes me sound like a bad person, and I admit do treat men badly sometimes. But that's a separate topic - point is, I think it's not a gender thing, it's more about where your relationship with that person is at.

with a face like that i wouldn't be the one making excuses as to why i called.<br />
i would be staring

Men need space because our minds are more active. We need downtime to recover. When a man doesn't feel in control of his life it leads to depression. Women are much more verbal then men. They have to be verbal to get what they want cause they are the weaker sex. Men play at love to get sex and women play at sex to get love. That's they way it has been and will always be.

omg i cant even begin to describe how frustrating it is! <br />
im about to rip out my hair right now lol<br />
<br />
but after reading your comment, i totally agree with you. Thats definately a viewpoint that i needed to hear right now, because i honestly just started blaming myself over this... <br />
<br />
you know, like: maybe i said something to make him feel resentful? maybe he felt he had to lie? is he trying to get back at me? is it just a game to him? does he even care to begin with?<br />
<br />
this is just the thing that drives me nuts...because theres no way i can possibly control the situation. i cant show him that im mad at him for this, cuz he's not even around.. nope he's too busy blowing me off..<br />
and then the next time he comes around i'll probably just fall for it all over again...

Urgh. This is one of the MOST frustrating things about men.<br />
<br />
My theory is, they don't have any idea how seriously we take their words, just like they have no idea how seriously we wish they would take ours. Communication is far more significant to us than to them, even little communications like "call you later." To them, that means, "I'll probably call." To us, it means, "I'm definitely planning to call." <br />
<br />
It's like speaking different languages.