Why Do Men Get So Excited Looking At Womans Underwear?

I don't know why men get so excited at even a fleeting glimpse of woman's underwear. I have had numerous times when men will try and get a look at my underwear....(I admit sometimes I've helped them, but that's in my other stories).

If I wear a bikini swimsuit,  they don't act the same as if they are trying to get a glimpse of my panties. I can't tell you how many times I have had to squat to look at something near the floor and some guy will be standing behind me trying to see if my lace panties are riding up and visible.
The panties that seem to get the most attention are Bali 2633...men love to see the silky smooth white back... with the seam running down the middle of my ***. 

Could you help me understand why seeing just a glimpse of a woman's underwear is so exciting to some men?  

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Add a response...is so nice to see the lady wearing lace one I also go after ladies to see their lingerie I get excited too much. I feel welcomed

Add a response...I'm a man who love panties silky one, the problem is when I went to buy on shop some women look at me been amazed and I feel shame about this ,while I buy for myself and I feel good to wear them.

Because it's hot, and the more we can see the hotter it gets.

I read my post and think. " this is crazy" but even so I want to be penetrated. My wife sometimes helps but she is reluctant to use the *******. She has fisted me once and it was wonderful. I want to be a great husband. after 30 years the deep intense desire to be ****** is too much to handle. I want it

For a lot of men, it's also the embarrassment. Girls/women do get so embarrassed when they realize their panties are showing. Then they often move fast to pull down their shirts to cover it up. However, an hour later their shirts have risen again, showing their forbidden but so sexy panties. This happens continually to so many women each day. Which women? Those with big sexy ***** are most prone. Their tight tops have a tough time covering their big *****. All very sexy!

In my opinion, ReUndone is right. I always try to get a look at a girl's underwear, and I have been for several years now... I really enjoy it and its almost a hobby of mine now to keep a collection of every one I spot! But anyway, ReUndone is right because it's something you're not intended to see. Just seeing pictures of naked women, or ****, or other stuff like that doesn't turn me on one bit. What gets me excited is when you're seeing something the girl doesn't want you to see, or doesn't know you can see. When some girl posts nudes online or something, she knows you're going to see it! However when a casual slip-up or wardrobe malfunction occurs, it's so much hotter in my opinion.

This really works for anything too.

Example 1: A video of a girl being pantsed down to her butt, I will enjoy much more than, say, a video of a girl pulling her own pants down revealing her butt. Same end result, different circumstances surrounding it.

I also believe voyeurism plays a part as well, for instance...

Example 2: A picture of a girl in her underwear taken by someone else without her consent is much hotter than the girl taking a picture of herself in the same underwear.

Therefore, using the same logic, we conclude that...

Example 3: A girl showing an inch or two of her panties over her pants is very attractive to men (myself included) because it is something that isn't supposed to be seen.

Thus, the reason we find it hot is purely shock value. If every single girl did it 100% of the time, we would think nothing of it.

Hope this helped! I should know because I have enjoyed this for a while. ;)

Some ladies don't even wear them, so that's the enticement to try to sneak a peek

Panties are the last hurdle to the grand prize... so if men can see your panties, they can better visualize how you'd be without them... panties - esp. the satin ones - have the pattern of outlining the ***... that way men will imprint them on their minds and use the image to recall you during their session of ************.... If you're wearing jeans... men would rather check out your **** than try to look for your panties... unless your jeans are already skin-tight...

That's the part of seduction to which most lesser willed men fall prey... they want to see it... they know they will not get it/touch it/feel it.. but knowing this, they cannot look away... they have to see... they have to cherish/imprint this moment for the time when they are ************...

Does that help?

Its related to the thing that is contained in the panties Possibly the connection of having a woman in them or something. Guys like what women have down there so the connection is that the panties are somewhat of a wrapper of the good thing that is contained within. Hope that helps. Ever have something that is wrapped in something really shiny and the wrapper reminds you of what was inside ? well there you go I tried to help explain it for you.

Im a Travestite and should like nothing better than a girl try to look up my silky knickers

It's like that yummy pie you can't eat but it is right there hidden in a box. Men are attracted to panties, because it makes us think about the other thing behind it, especially with woman that don't want us to see it, it makes us want it more. Men often ********** to womens dirty panties by sniffing them in the bathroom, it's something that is taboo and not talked about, but it happens alot. Men get very horny by smells, tastes, and something forbidden (Censored). We can't help ourselves its in our natures to want to have sex often and ultimately having children one day, that's the reason for human existence, women are supposed to be sexy and wanted, so our population dosen;t die out. In my opinion i look at womans panties because i imagine what her private looks, smells and tastes like behind the panties.

cause your Hot probably

maybe they want to imagine what they would feel like on them.

There is so much to it and it is really very difficult to explain. Tell mey why, when it makes you so vulnerable and opens up the accusation that you "had it coming", do you wear skirts that are too short or blouses that are too revealing? Why do you like men to look at you? If you don't you are in the minority among women. Look at the amount of mall space set aside for women to buy attractive clothing. Men's clothes, perhaps 3-5% of mall space. Women's clothes? 75%. Other miscellaneous goods, 20%. <br />
<br />
I like seeing up a skirt. I like it a lot. I would like to have a girl that had fun with her power instead of one who decided that since I have seen it all, there is no point in teasing. Women, when you stop teasing your man with your body, you are losing him. He may not leave you, but his eyes will. <br />
<br />
I like getting away with something. I like the secret flirtation of knowing a woman has purposely let me catch a peek. I like it when she goes to the trouble to make it seem accidental.

it's all about getting to see something we shouldn't. I've been to ***** clubs with a beautiful naked woman on the stage and been much more interested in catching a glimpse of the waitresses panties under her short skirt. Not sure why it works that way, but it does.

I will tell you why, its because underwear say a lot about a woman.. it says a lot about her personality

I recon it's because womens panties are delicate, interesting and very different. Unlike mens which are dull and boring and so similar. Its just answering the question I wonder what panties she is wearing.

Well because its like forbidden fruit...<br />
I.e. **** is one thing as it is blatant and you can't deny even to your self your one sick puppy....<br />
But catching an unexpected eyeful of the profile of a woman's vulva when she bends or witnessing the wicked curves of her *** covered in thin, tightly stretched translucent fabric etc... gives one a way to tap into the "****" inherent in every day life and all with the pretense of civility which is demanded by social convention.... but all the while.. like a naughty school kid the thrill of somehow feeling you have found a loop hole is intoxicating.

Panties are the sexiest things and i for one cant really explain why but i do know that given the chance, i will try and get a peak at what s woman has under her dress.its sexy to view womans underwear. Why do so many woman dress up for sex? yes its a turn on for us and unlike most of the respones here would rather see no panties, i would rather see the panties and fantasize what is hidden there.

@marcialynn some people look better with some clothes on. A tease is always fun so is full frontal nudity when it is not expected. Variety is the best..

Wow this appears to be a popular subject, certainly more than you'll get discussing quantum mechanics (Unless of course you post photos, in which case guys will hope you are either partially or completely naked. They'll listen to lectures on topics they know nothing about if it involves nudity). From my experience guys are hoping either you aren't wearing any underwear, or if you are that the view is none the less memorable. Apparently, leaving things to the imagination doesn't work well for a lot of people.

Oh how I love showing off my panties in public love to wear white sheer thong....<br />
also like the attention I get on or off the beach wearing my jean shorts open <br />
with zipper down with bikini underneath drives the older guys totally crazy!!!

If it's weighing on your mind that heavily, then just don't wear any at all. Then, men will have nothing to look at. *evil grin*

It's just the environment, situation, and perception. On a beach or swimming pool I wouldn't look twice at woman in a bikini or swimsuit. It's what's normal and doesn't merit much reward or pleasure seeing something when it's expected or the norm. On the streets however seeing a short skirt or seeing a thong or panties peeking is alluring (depends on the person wearing them) because it's not expected or assumed. It's like seeing a same colour box inside different coloured backgrounds, it appears different even though it's the same. <br />
So it's a visual illusion, but this time with a sexual/sensual overtone. When I am on a nude beach or a regular beach, the site of a naked woman or her parts or a woman in a bikini or skimpier suit doesn't seem to attract me more than a cursory glance, not enough to get a response that would get my imagination working. However seeing an attractive woman on the streets in sexy clothing that's either tight, revealing or see through makes it exciting and titillating.<br />
It's unexpected and more rare and therefore the reward system fires higher impulses.

ThomasWM said it well, above.<br />
The sight of a woman in general is joyous. The sight of a woman's panties, thin, fragile, barely covering ultimate mystery is seismic for a man. <br />
I believe, and have since I was about 20 ears old, that women do not know their own power and can not know it. <br />
But, SweetPanties, you are adorable to ask.

Put it another way, why do women wear "panties" and men wear underwear?They have been luring men to have sexual fantasies about them by wearing Panties . Such as the thong. S**t why wear anything? You wear it hoping a man will see it and want to **** you, Is there any other reason to wear somethat rides the crack of your *** and wedges in your ***** lips? I am a man that can not think of a practical reason for thongs? Do they promote more hygeine or promote thoughts of gut wrenching orgasams???

Mystery. <br />
It's what makes me adore women.

I get aroused with female panties because you girls have such a variety, different colors, different materials................ mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm no wonder I try to see them everytime I get a chance

My interest in catching a peek at some lacy panties started when i was a womans shoe salesman while going through school.Needless to say I catch a peek very often and since then I have enjoyed it when a woman slides out of a booth at a fancy up scale restaurant and flashes what she has on under.It is just exciting and makes the imagination run wild.In fact for me i would rather see a pic of that over nudity any day.Thanks for sharing your stories,they are fun reads.

i like it cuz as a young man, we all were told we cant see panties. its something to keep hidden, there for, when i get to see them, its exciting and wrong. its a rush. likewise with the pee fetish.

Your guess is as good as mine..lol

They're disgusting slobs!!!

There is just something about the panty that is so sexy, so forbidden, and so alluring. And catching a glimpse of it leaves so much to the imagination than if a woman just walked by naked. As you know, we are visual creatures, but we are also voyegers. Its almost like a journey to the unknown. Just seeing the way they wrap around the female body so tightly and intimately is enough to make a guy crazy. Not only do they help to bring out the shape of the body, but the mystery of the woman wearing them as well. The textures and fabrics are specifically made for that purpose as well.

it is so much seeing your panties, it's that it's naughty.

Men love the visual. Look at how crazy we are over all the beautiful ladies on this site. It's a mans nature to be stimulated by a pretty woman. God intended this as a way of keepingthe human race from dying off. Now that we have vaccines, people don't die so young and women are much less likely to die during childbirth. This is nature at it's finest. Sometimes, I don't think women understand that part of man.

Because we suspect that a woman skillfully revealing her panties is trying to get us to imagine what it would be like to be sexually intimate with her. Also, it seems as though some women are teasing us and enjoying our aroused state.

So Maria, has your question been answered? I just read ALL of your responses and must admit to having my eyes opened a little bit. There seem to be many more men who enjoy the momentary sight of panties than the sight of none, which surprised me. It's the tease factor, the mystery, and the last barrier to the ultimate. I'd love to hear your comments on that, especially since your name on here is "SweetPanties"!

The bikini is designed to be an outer garment. <br />
While panties are intimate, girly and feminine.<br />
It's the allure of femininity that's so irresistable.

It's the icing on a beautifully flavored cake, the ribbon on a package, the trimming on a beautiful present. The panties are a dressing on the most intimate parts of the wonderful female form

My wife has gone without wearing panties since our first year of marriage, when she learned that i liked the thought and "access" of her being naked under a dress or skirt. Now she doesn't even wear them with jeans, and refuses to [says they are uncomfortable]. But I still like to catch a glimpse of panties, worn by an attractive woman in public. Does that really need to be explained...?

Actually as I know we men are not looking at or for panty.<br />
<br />
The attraction is between the thighes which we are interested in.thats why a little glimps of the panty makes us hot.<br />
<br />
See the example about the nature.You see the beautifull flowers.Beauty of the flower is to attract the insects towards the nectar to do the seeding and honey is the gift.<br />
<br />
Man is like that insect sniffing at the nectar and greedy to taste the honey.And where that is?<br />
<br />
I think this explanation is sufficient to understand the behaviour of men.

I love to check out a girl's bra and panties, in the hope she isn't wearing any! ;-P

You are right. Cherris are hard to *** by lately.

Panties on a girl are lik a "box" of chocolates, you dont' know whats inside.

I just love to seeing a pretty pantie on a beautiful woman and when she crouches down i love to see that pretty pantie peeking out of her jeans..it is a huge turn on to me1

I believe it is because there is nothing a women can do that is more inticing than let us know what it is that you choose to cover your most intimate parts with. It leaves us wondering if you were feeling playful when you put them on, maybe feeling a little naughty or even you just wanted to feel sexy. The sensuality of the panty is one of womens greatest gifts to men. Enjoy the way you drive us all wild!

I can tell you definitely why.You should talk to my counselor. He has opened my mind to many thoughts of guys. do you want to chat on yahoo mess

I love to see panties wherever they are! And I've seen many panties in my time.I love when ladies or girls give me a peek at their panties.

Agree with Mike: It isn't underwear or a bikini, it is the lady in them.

the panties alone would likely solicit little interest...nor would they draw much attention on the wrong person. it is the sensuality of the wearer that invokes the primal drive to seize the opportunity to take in even a glimpse of the soft, supple flesh gently outlined with lace and silk. supple perfection the observer straining himself will undoubtedly never get to fully enjoy...seize the moment and drink in all you can before it vanishes as easily as it came to be.

I don't see any comments from you so I wonder if you're reading all these fervent ex<x>pressions of lust and desire and explanations for the male psyche as it relates to panties.<br />
You sound like a very bright, well educated, and successful young woman with many paramours and a distinct hunger for things kinky. I'd love to have you join me on some journeys of deprivation. Are you game? Respond here in EP at my profile or visit in chat with me at<br />
brucek47@yahoo.com<br />
I would like you to have your computer situated where you can show off as we chat. Maybe in a bar, lounge, cafe, coffee shop, etc. A hotel room or in a care would be fun too.

It feels naughty to see something u shouldnt and that is exciting. You sould post a few pix and see the different reaction to each photo, not just cos i'd like to see ;¬)

well here l am with all the rest confessing to just loving the sight of seeing a woman's panties in public , lt may be the idea that your seeing a stranger's private areas that in this repressed day in age are still thought to be covered up , damm it but yes l look every chance l get and end up with a raging hard on of what is hidden under them , dawsonite2

Some guys are more turned on by seeing what they aren't SUPPOSE to see. A girl wearing a bikini knows what she's showing off. The thrill is in getting to see something was was suppose to stay secret or hidden. This is probably why voyeurism is so popular with men.<br />
<br />
my $0.02

When we were young and our interest in sexuality kicked in, the glimpse of panties under a skirt, or a bra through a blouse was the closest we could get. Think of the scene in Big, when the "young Josh" in an adults body gets his first glimpse of a bra. That is why.

we are always lusting for a glimpse of hot *****, it gives us something to draw from memory and fantasise about at a later moment, many times when ive cuaght a glimpse and been given a sugestive look in say a supermarket or a library,,il look for the nearest private place where i can safely shoot off a load of come while the memorys still vivid,,i pray one day to meet a complete stranger and go somewhere ,where we **** like animals on heat,,i live in hope yeah ? :) haha, it makes good roll play all the same, summers just around the corner, cant wait, there will be plenty of flesh on display ;) yumm

Because lingerie, panties arfe the unmentionable, they hide the delicious goal we all yearn for.... and they feel very sexy against your skin

All are attracted towards the unknown.As I see the skirt riding up above the thigh I want to see the underwear.The glimps of the underwear makes the lust to have the glimps of the ***** inside.<br />
<br />
***** is the altimate goal and centre of attraction.

It's because you are beautiful... and we'd actually rather see what's under your underwear, but we'll settle for underwear.

Tough to say exactly. I guess panties are more thin than a swimsuit and what kind of panties a woman wears says something about her. Plus it's like you're getting away with something, it's the voyeurism thing. <br />
<br />
I have noticed one funny thing recently. As much as panties are great and womens ***** even greater, for some reason when a woman is showing the plumbers crack it so doesn't turn me on. Any other kind of exposure is hot but when a woman is sitting on a stool or something and has her *** crack exposed, it's really not sexy for some reason. Actually quite unsexy!

Men get excited visually especially when they see women's panties or tongs. If there is no underwear at all, that's even better. Most women don't even know what their genitalia looks like. Men would love to see it all. Women can touch themselves whenever they want but men cannot. See thru panties are best. So for men, its the fantasy of thinking what's under the panties.

Men just love tp see women naked or in exotic underwear. That's just a fact of life. Looking at panties get me and other men sexually excited. You look great in panties especially see thru panties or a thong.

SweetPanties, I am guilty as charged. Yes, I will go well out of my way for a glimpse. Why? Well unlike a swimsuit which I do love to see the panties are something hiding the treasure which is very personal and not meant to be seen. Honestly, seeing a woman in panties to me is much more of a turn on than seeing her totally naked.

because men love underwear hun....lace leather cotton see thru thong shorts even granny ones sometimes..men are pervs but we love wat u gals wear...now that i meantion it.......hmmmm which kind do u have on right now as we speak...;-)

First its a turn on just to see if there is any, Second to see if they are sexy or granny style, and finally to admire the womans figure!

I look just to see if her panties are cuter or sexier than mine.<br />
<br />
I am always curious to know if that cute, demure straight laced girl in Accounting is really a vixen in the bedroom.<br />
<br />
Make sense?<br />
<br />

Marvelous excellent fantastic I am going to flash my husband a bit and see what his reaction is - great idea had not really realised it was sooo popular as a stimulus. ( will get a couple of friends to flash him as well -- just to see .. He He He )

It's all about the teasing. When I'm on a beach and I sea a woman walking by nude I find that less arousing than when she's wearing a little top and string.

I will conpair it 2 sneaking a peak at your Christmas presents ?

It's the ultimate erotic arousal to get a glimpse of what is always hidden, and what might lie beyond!!! .... <br />
<br />
Malloy - That's a great story!! .... I'm sure that a sizeable % of women enjoy the attention of men trying to get a look at their panties .... :-)

It's all about that little glimpse of heaven and you're never really sure whether the show was intentional or not....so much to consider.

Actually, I'm female and straight, but lingerie turns me on too. I love to buy it, wear it and have it seen. Lace shorties that you can see pubic hair through are THE sexiest. Pulling aside satin French knichers for access is sooo exciting. The plump V made by cute briefs is v. sexy. If I'm wearing special panties, I have that buzz all day and have to 'relieve myself' by the end of it. Just knowing they're there under the clothes makes me walk differently. I get turned on even BUYING expensive panties - it seems so forbidden.

i just gave thumsfor the good ones

Panties are not my favorite thing in the world...but they are next to it.

Panties. The allure is undeniable to most men...and thankfully many women appreciate the seduction factor. The fact is that women "choose" their underwear each day--and it's a fascinating, even at times astonishing choice. Ladies underwear are designed for comfort, to make them feel sexy, and to seduce their lovers. I'll confess that on the rare occasion that I view pornographry, I'll fast forward through the scenes where the women performers take off their skirts or trousers and aren't wearing any panties. It's a total turn off to me. It suggests that the lady has not a sense of play, of humor, or mystery.

I remember a pretty female friend telling me years ago about living in Paris. She said she used to go to a cafe where some of them had an ongoing game of trying to guess the color of the panties of the women crossing the bridge above. Apparently, there was a windshaft of some kind that would blow up the dresses to reveal what was underneath. The one who guessed the right color would have a free drink. And there was always a celebration when a woman would cross the bridge without panties. I found out that day that my female friend also went without them. Very nice.

It's so nice to get a glimpse of panties...knowing what's hidden underneath....but the best is a female wearing a dress squating revealing she is not wearing any panties.especially when it is done intentionally

To me, the surprise of finding a woman without panties is the best experience ever! And it's happened many times in my many years, both accidentally and by going out of my way to look when I shouldn't have. I also have pleasant memories of women who have shown me their panties, but I prefer finding no panties!

A little confession . In my youth , I was dating a women whom had a younger sister . She And I gotten along much better then we've ever been . During a family BBQ at their place . The young one wore a very loose tank top and overly large shorts . We were sitting in front of each other talking , when the older one brought out some soups for us . Behold when I went to drink that soup . What appeared before me , an Okra it's small vegetable with similar appearance to it . And looking down drinking my soup , I glanced over to her crossed legs ,their was her little okra staring right back at me . I ate my soup which had never tasted so good , and to this day I cannot forget the sight , smell or taste of that time , when I see an okra .

panties.... its the mystery of whats inside

It's the excitement of the public tease . To share something so private in public with a certain few ,would put a woody on any living male .

we are visual creature ...nothing under a bikini ..we can see your split as you walk by.. or see you hanging out top and bottom ...but the unknown ...the kind we think you are wearing (BY the way what kind and color are you wearing ) different guys like woman in different type panties...I don't care if you wear any or not...i will look and lust probably....