Act Like Jerks To Get A Girl

Not quite sure why younger guys (and maybe older ones too) think that to get a girls attention they need to act cool and like they don't care and aren't interested... Or worse yet think that bragging about other girls makes us want them more... I liked a guy a ton at college and I knew he was into me too and he and I sat together and talked all the way through class. I liked that he flirted with me and he was so cute and we played together online all the time... then one time I invited him over to my place and we hung out and played video games and had dinner and I knew he wanted more, but I have a kid you know... I thought he would understand and I felt really bad and texted him after we said goodnight and he never texted back... he stopped sitting with me, talking to me, he hung with other girls, I was totally crushed and thought he was pissed I had a kid, although I was honest about it, or that I wouldn't do something with him... so confused... but it hurt a lot... then his best friend says he's totally into you and he wants to date you so bad... he had so much fun...

So I text him and ask and he's so excited to talk to me... says that his friends told him I only dated guys who were jerks and he was acting way to into me to have me go for him... WTF why not just ask me out? Problem is by the time he tells me this and that he wants to go out I'm with someone else...

Why do they do that? I know maybe I should have realized he was afraid t make a move and made one myself... but why would they think acting like a jerk would make me notice him?
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but you noticed him, didn't u?

That sometimes is a fine line to walk, if you act to0 nice, your friend material, lots of girls and guys love the the thrill of the chase but when caught, its a total turn off. No really wants to admit first what they are looking for and upset the balance of who likes who the most. you need that edge of being nice but still having that edge, that mystery, so she wonders what you do or where you go to a point. It sucks to play it that way but I've been the nice guy to much and always got burned when ynger, no challenge, so I changed up my strategy and it you go with works...

I have never understood why guys act like ******** and end up getting girls...I play nice and treat women with respect and usually get the let's be friends I understand your frustration tho. I'd rather a girl be up front with me and with whom i can be upfront with then someone changing their behavior because they think that I won't be attracted to them or want them any less.

Yes I hear where you are coming from,I am sure you will meet your ideal man.

I hate when guys do that. I for one am looking for a nice guy... and nice does not mean boring, but it does mean a guy who is NOT a jerk.