People Who Hate Children Were Once Children Themselves

When I was a child I remember at our school seeing a movie about two girls who were missing and later found dead. These two girls who were under the age of 12 (can't remember how old they actually were) were invited to go for a ride with an older guy (early 20's) who had a nice sports car. They met the guy in an ice cream shop. This guy took them to a deserted place and then they tried to escape by running into the woods.. The man found both of them and killed them. They really didn't go into detail about how he killed them and they didn't say they were raped but most likely they were. They just left it as he killed them. This was to warn children not to get into a car with a stranger. The man was caught and sent to prison. This was based on a true story. This incident most happened sometime in the late 1960's.  

At the time I thought it was very odd that an older guy like him ignored those women in his age group that were in the ice cream shop  and focused on these girls.  

At that time, I didn't know what rape was. I was just morified and shocked to think that an adult could do this to a child. I came from a stable loving environment and was very naive about things at the time.  

I remember going home that evening and asking my grandmother why this man killed these 2 girls. I remember thinking, well he was once a child, why would he want to do this to another? She had no answer for that except to say that this man was a sick individual..
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People who hate children because they are children are their own worst enemy. We were all children once.

This man probably didn't do this because he hated children, but because he had some sort of sexual hunger and liked to pick on the most vulnerable type of person: two young girls. Children are no longer in a safe environment anywhere! These horrible people just like to use children for certain things; in their opinion, they are worthless. Children need to learn to protect themselves against evil people like this. These type of people need to think about whether they would like it if someone did it to them; your Grandmother is right. These people are sick individuals.