They Are Furries

I had the same question and did some reaserch and looked online and Wikipedia sums them up pretty well. Basicly they are a group of people whom are into Animorphic characters with an animal appearance that have human qualties. Its mostly a teen thing or for those into Comics and Anime.

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Anyone can wear a tail, it doesn't make you a furry if you wear one. Some people do it for style, some for spiritual beliefs. But there's no one reason for everybody :/

anyone can where a tail - no duh

some plp who were tails are called
others are

therians and otherkin- not therians and otherkin were tails - i were a collar and making tail and might get a tail off ebay

dosen't make it any less weird

there is a difference between people who just wear a tail or ears, their isnt really a name for them but still different from full on furrys, furrys are mostly full costumes and role play with others in different kinds of groups, but the people who wear tails and or ears are mostly nature lovers, rebels, people who dont play into politics or world views, or have more of a animalistic attitude tords life, most of the tails are fake and funny looking due to being to big for their over all size. but its what they have, it also stems from a study of transhumanism or posthumanism, but one thing is for sure, people have been wearing tails for a long long time down through history

yes, that is part of it. there is much more to it though. personally, i am a furry (a red wolf to be precise) but i don't wear a tail. i have a strong spiritual connection with dogs and therefore, i wear an orange dog collar to show it. in more public places, i wear a choke chain instead, as it is much more subtle but still has the same symbolism. i also draw furry art and you can see it on my profile in my photos. anyone interested in learning more about furries should PM a furry on EP and just ask. we are a friendly bunch and tend to be very loyal to true friends. <br />
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