People Go Hungry Because We're Spoiled Brats

Why are there so many in the United States WITHOUT Food?   

I don't know because the food pantries are overflowing with food. Seriously. And you KNOW that people who COULD be taking advantages of food pantries are not, because there is a stigma attached. So their kids don't eat the poor people food, they eat cheap, empty food. They are malnourished and fat AT THE SAME TIME!!

My sister in law knows someone that works for a food pantry, where people can come and get free food. She gets the outdated, throw away stuff. She came over the other day and her van is FILLED with food. And I thought, "there are hungry people in this country?"

  There are starving people in this world?


The amount of food that we deem inedible and toss away in this country is incredible. If you have ever spent any time in the back of a restaurant, in the kitchen, you would see the sheer volume of this waste. It's staggering, especially when you know that you are but one in millions of restaurants who are doing the same thing.  

And millions of food pantries are dumping cans of food because of a cycle date, when people on the other side of the world would scramble for a meal like that.


We send back plates of food because there's a HAIR in it, like we're completely ignorant of,and disgusted by, the fact that a HUMAN made it.  Food that some people on this planet will never, ever dream existed.  And we scrape it into a huge trash can, filled with food.  

It's truly horrifying, if you think really think about it.   


Think about it.

NO ONE should be hungry.  

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There were times that I got food at a free pantry because I had very little cash for food. I got stuff like white flour pasta, white bread, white flour crackers, ravioli and corn in a can, peanut butter--all high carb low nutrition stuff except the peanut butter which is high fat. No fresh fruits or veggies--all canned. Just saying.....that I understand how easy it is to be poor and over-weight, and also that no one wants to hear about it every night. The public can only take so much misery. I am sure that if I somehow took it upon myself to contact resturants and food pantries and soup kitchens and provide the transportation to get the over-flow to where it would not be wasted....but I am not going to do that--like most folks are not going to. Just saying...

people starve on the other side of the world because they live in places with riggid goverments that don't care about the people or thet live in places like africa where so much of the land won't grow anything but there are so many people <br />
<br />
US starvation is a different animal we don't know how to put living wages to every job so that people can work pay their bills and eat all at the same time resurants need to find a better way to deal with the food they must throw out <br />
<br />
people also have to be made aware of the food pantry and have the ability to get there 2 things that aren't always there <br />
<br />
and they put experation dates on cans for a reason you eat food past its exparation date and you could get sick and i'm sorry but when you order something at a resturant there shouldn't be hair in it and you don't want to eat it because you don't know where its been

People tolerate starvation because of a combination of the fact that it's impact on an their individual level is minimal (this means that people aren't willing to put much effort into fixing it), and the fact that they feel that they can't do anything to fix it.

I think I'm talking more about personal responsibility here on an absurdly, grandiose level.<br />
<br />
The balance needs to be shifted. There is technology to HELP those that need it, but governments, and special interest groups, are standing in the way. <br />
<br />
But starvation has just become one of those things that we have come to accept as "a part of life". We are desensitized to it. We are shielded from it.<br />
<br />
I mean, WHY is starvation not on the news EVERY night? It's a big ******* deal. Especially when we can sit around on our plump bums and toss away food. Shouldn't we think about that?<br />
<br />
That's why, in the group's name I ask about why it is tolerated. And I mean by each one of us.

The problem is economically moving that food to the other side of the world. We throw away embarrassingly massive quantities of food away because we can't find a way to profitably move it to the people that need it, at a price they can afford (as opposed to free, which undercuts local producers, and makes the situation worse).