It's Totally Preventable

It's preventable. And don't even try to convince me otherwise.

There is enough food grown on this planet to have every single person on earth fed daily.

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We have people here in North America who weigh 1000 pounds (literally!), who are eating themselves to death, and those in other parts of the world, most of which seem to live in African countries who are starving. Nobody seems to care about Africa. We see pictures of starving little kids, year after year, with appeals for financial aid. We keep putting band-aids on the problem, instead of trying to get someone in place to run these countries for the people. The US has manipulated foreign governments for years when the need served their interests. Apparently, restoring people's human rights is not a high priority.

If there weren't starving or needy people in the world how would business minded greedy people get their establishments built. Every society began and thrive off of putting and keeping as many people down as possible. House Of Bondage

^ My mother is the same way. She knows what it feels like to be poor, but when she has extra, she doesn't give. I'm not in a position to give right now, but when I was in the past, I did. I was always very charitable when I had enough to share.

Poor upbringing? My mother is one of the people you speak of, but with a twist. She has been on the street and lived off food banks before, yet doesn't see the need to contribute anything. It annoys me, to say the least :(<br />
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^ Exactly. It just seems to me that the only people who are against higher taxation of the wealthy, socialist government, etc, ARE THE WEALTHY. That, my friends, is called greed. How can you look at a starving child and decide you would rather keep your multi-billion dollar mansion instead of feeding a starving nation?

You're so right. I was thinking about this when Forbes announced the richest man on the earth. A guy from Mexico is worth 54.5 billion dollars! Are you freaking kidding me?! There are so many starving, poor people in Mexico and this guy has that much money?! I was thinking if he just donated half of his wealth to the country, they'd probably be okay. I could be wrong. Yet still, this baffles me.

^ I would have to agree.

I don't claim to know why it's tolerated, but I do know that it happens because people are greedy :(<br />
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