What Is It About Me?

for as long as I can remember I've always felt like people don't like me, I dont know why, I dont do anthing for them to not like me, I'm quiet, I just like to be that way until I know someone, then I come out of my shell and talk to them properly. I only have one friend left, I used to have six but five of them started to go out drinking together and I just dont like that so I didnt do it, they tried to pressure me into it but I'm extremely stubborn so once they saw that they couldnt get me into it they dont bother with me any more. I have a few problems and things that worry and upset me, but I dont feel comfortable talking about them to people, I dont know why, trust issues mainly, I feel most people are going to blab to everyone about it. I dont know what it is, I just feel like I cant talk about stuff. I dont know what to do, I always feel alone and I'm worried about my life and how it'll turn out, I've always been different from other people my age, I never drank, smoked, did drugs and all the girls are ***** and I hate that, all it seems is thats what others want from them. I cant see what it is about me that people just shy away from.
sickofpeople sickofpeople
18-21, M
Aug 13, 2010