Ex Girlfriend Confusion

YEARS ago, I went out with a girl, it lasted for several months but then went horribly wrong, and eventually ended very abruptly, I ended it because I realised it wasn't working, and we were just becoming bitter.

She went on to date a string of guys, each consecutively worse for her, culminating in the most obnoxious story topper I have ever met. If you even mention anything worth talking about, he will try to story top you, if he can't he will play down your story and the top it. He would do this with anything, no matter how serious or trivial. What's more, he trusts no one. ever. If he needs you to do something for him or not do something, he can't trust you to keep your word and threatens you instead, it's seriously annoying.

Now through all this she insisted on staying my friend, even though it was pretty awkward at first.

Well her story ends well, she met a guy that was perfect for her, and they have been happily together ever since. However, she keeps sending me confusing signals.

Every now and then she will appear on facebook and start chatting with me well into the night, she keeps saying stuff like how she misses me sometimes, and how in different and she just likes talking to me. Once when I was particularly miserable she offered to **** me to cheer me up, and I'm not entirely sure she was joking, because i kinda had to talk her out of the idea. Furthermore it turns out I am a major hangup for her boyfriend, how I am so different to him and how she likes to chat with me late at night on facebook, etc, and I'm also a hangup of hers. I have stuck (sometimes less than enthusiastically) to the no sex before marriage thing, it's a part of my religion I am obviously not so fond of :P but it turns out the fact that I would **** her still bothers her, it never really came up until after we broke up anyway, she kept telling me she would sleep with me if we got back together.

Anyway, even after we were long done and she is in a happy long term relationship she still sends me mixed messages. She even told me she loved me a few times, recently, she played it down, but it's kind of a strange thing to say when you're with someone else.

She hasn't made any actual advances, but she has left me totally confused as to where we stand.

Anyone out there know what's going on?
MrWinstonSmith MrWinstonSmith
26-30, M
Dec 15, 2012