How Someone Can Be So Cold

Today i got to spend the day with my beautiful daughter and loved it..she is as I have mentioned in other stories about her...the most beautiful woman ever...even at 2 yrs old...amazing in every I spent time with her I was informed by her mother that I am a bigger ******* than what I think I am and I am going to be a miserable old my lucky to have anyone in my life..after that she proceeded to inform me that I was taising my son to be a failire and white trash...that cut like a can you talk about someone elses child like that...cut me down all you wish but dont cut my raising my son on my own...doing the best i can...I sit and think now...why didnt I go across the table snd slap the taste out of her mouth....why must you be so cold...and you wonder why my son didnt care to be around can and do pick up on not being liked and or wanted...his mother walked out in him and then you cut him down the way you did and have....why? All "MY" son wants is to be loved...supported and shown that he matters....and you also wonder why I am so cold toward you when I know you didnt accept my son...he is a good kid and well behaved...why must you treat him like son is part of blood....
Tell me how wortless I am...tell me how I am a I will never amount to anything BUT dont cut my ripped my heart crushed me...i feel wortless...pathetic...lower than **** on your shoe...why did you have to say those things?
I just dont understand!!!!!
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anyone that would act like that and make you and your son feel like that aren't worth it. put the past in the past and leave it there. some people are meant to be forgotten and she sounds like one. i wish you the best of the best my friend. i'm here for you no matter what. all is good.

Some people have so much anger and regret and spite pent up inside that the only way they can communicate with others -especially those who are somehow related to the anger etc.- is by being hurtful and cold.
You were once together, so I can imagine she knows well enough what hurts you most.

want me to go slap the taste out of her mouth for ya?? stupid b1tch. some people are just sad and need to lash out to feel better about themselves. any parent doing it alone deserves a big round of applause. and a really big bowl of ice cream. :)

God-what a useless B1tch. People like that shouldn't be allowed to live.

Your right...i would never hit a woman...but i would love to so bad

*big hugs* *tears roll on your behalf* She is a cruel woman who knows how to hurt you and obviously will. I also know why you did not get up and slap the taste out of her mouth, that is because you would not hit a woman and you would not lower yourself to her level.