I Really Dont Understand...

Yes....  I really dont understand...

Well.. i have good no. of online friends around this world.. americans, english, australians.... and few more others..

I'm just telling about my experience with the americans, australians and the europeans..  Mostly our chat start like.. sharing views, suggestions, knowing  culture, workplace, movies..

As this kinda thing goes our relationship becomes stronger.. and we becomes friends..  thats ok fine..

But each time i would be the one to say Hi, Hello, Howdy doing..... just to start up the chat..  I really dont understand.. so far very very few would start the hi..  :) once i start the Hi.. they would pick up the chatting and it goes on and on and on and on and on....

As long as i starting the chat.. they would chat up with me..

and if i suddenly stop sitting before my pc or got busy with any other work..  They would completely forget about mine..  I feel really bad when i see my inbox nothing from my friends.. even a courtesy mail or anything.. This is what happening for a long time..

I really dont understand my american, australian and european friends.. .:)

Bye the way.. i have a doubt do i call them as friends?? or just strangers..

tsanandh tsanandh
26-30, M
2 Responses Feb 24, 2009

yea...... you you are right..

tsanandh I think this is just how internet chatting is. I think people may be doing other things and perhaps they don't even know you are online at the time. I know that for me, when I am online, I am multi tasking, I am in my work email, my personal email, on EBay, plus surfing a bit all while I am on EP... sometimes people message me and they'll ask why I didn't answer. I'll explain to them that I was involved in something else and I didn't realize they had sent me a message :-)