What Should I Do???

Okay so today was just another day well so i thought... i was playing a game with some friends at school then he (the guy i like) sat by one of his friends not in his normal spot but he was watching us play so i tried not to look at him  ...didn't work... but fo rsome odd reason i started to shake (not normal) and could not stop laughing... im so confused and it hurts to look at his pictures and see him talking to another girl...

cuteblonde cuteblonde
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9 Responses Feb 25, 2009

yeah.. ha no rope sorry i think im gonna go later

...you should've slammed on your brakes.... good luck with Dakota! I still gotta somehow rope Alex in... or hope for a certain blue eyed adonis to show up this year and ask me.... got any extra rope?

yeah and mikes an @$$ and i saw him today he was driving behind me on my way to the mall

Go cuteblonde!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Rock on!!!!!

idk its nothing really important i like a different guy named Dakota and i think im gonna ask him to prom

HIM AND SQUIRT ARE GOING OUT?!?! (And why don't you ever talk to me on here?)

I would but now he has a girlfriend aka squirt

haha oddly any gril idk why but yes it hurts ugh

What other girl was he talking to?