When im sleeping with my husband why won't he touch me?? I ask him if I smell or if I've become unattractive he says no. Im always the big spoon. We're both young so if he doesn't want me I don't mind leaving. Id lay next to him and all he'd do is put his back towards me. I understand not wanting to have sex on weeknights but Friday night? ? I'll be upstairs and he'd be downstairs reading, on the phone, or watching tv until 12am knowing he has work and he knows im sexually frustrated. We have a two month old and I've been doing everything! I don't mind since he's the one working. I just feel really disconnected as if he wants to be with someone else but staying with me because of our child. I have already expressed to him that I don't want to hold him back.
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I have some ideas but need more information... i may be of no help but you never know...

What are your ideas?