The recent story of the American journalist who was beheaded and the threat of another to be murdered. These radical Islamic's as I see are no better Than the Spanish inquisitions or serial killers. How can a human possibly kill in such a barbaric way? And to kill in the name of god? I'm afraid our time is short. I'm am deeply saddened at how we treat our fellow man. And I hear of the useless slaughter of women and children. My heart is broken thinking of all the innocent lives lost in the name of religion. I pray to my god that some how some way peace can be spread upon this earth. Even here in the US we have needless murders and atrocities. It has to stop. Why can't we just love each other. How hard is that????
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Yea they have dragged us into their religious war ! their religion believes in killing women if women don't OBEY ! and they claim to be peaceful?

Amen sister.

Agreed if there were just a way to rid the scum of this earth

Yeah well I think it is just getting worse. I feel sorry for my kids when they grow up

there won't be world peace... it is a nice notion, but until God restores it, which he will only do if we change our ways and call upon Him, we are.... well... doomed to suffer.
And it is very hard to "just love each other"...2 people in a marriage can't stay together, yet alone a whole earth of people. ;P

Yes I know..... But the greatest commandment is love. This is something we can all do above anything else. Okay maybe wishful thinking but it only starts with one.

Its a shame that its seems so much easier for so many to hate rather then love.Some times love hurts.Every one on Earth has or will be hurt by love.We get over it and grow.Once We give into hate,there is no getting over it.Its a cancer and not only one that spreads thru out one person,it can be spread from one to another.

This is exactly how I see it.

This is why I don't watch world news. It is saddening and the things I've seen over the past 15 years or so seem to stay with me for quite some time. It just keeps escalating. I just don't get how killing or hurting a person that did nothing to you makes anything better. It's senseless. The world is f#ck#d.

You express what most of us feel I think.

Every person has a darks side and when you have a religion that allows you to embrace it (due to editing of religious books) and allow you to get to a higher place in the afterlife you have a recipe for crazy fanatics

They have dummy down their people for 1000s of years to their religious laws, brain washed and raised from birth, generation after generation to believe!!!!
Iv seen it in our own country (America ) within certain cultures here.