I don't understand why when I talk everyone is quite like when they talk everyone talks and I think I don't fit. Why? And when I am sitting without talking everyone walks away. I feel that I am here just for the sake of it like without me here everyone will just have a severe depression and my dad will start beating again. But I'm just used as:
Dad: showoffing
Brother and sister: to spy on my sis
Sis: do what ever she wants from me.
Why? And plus only our dad gets to feel because he likes us dead and before I Come my dad used to tell my siblings that they are dead. It's only a metaphor. Dad didn't let my brother or sister study what they want in the university and my married sis (now) was beaten after every mark she got even if it was good Cuz she studied what she wanted. And my dad wants me to become a damn doctor and wanna be a scientist (astronomy), you know what even if I will get beaten I'll bring good marks and I'll study outside of Bahrain and work in nasa. And I just can't believe that all this suffering is from that bi*ch (our mom).
Silentsuffer Silentsuffer
16-17, F
1 Response Aug 31, 2014

It may be difficult to carry on with life in your situation but it's good to remember you'll be over it soon and you and your family especial your dad will move on from your mother. But for your sake just remember only a couple more years and you can be out!