I Do Not Use Condoms Unless Requested

I don,t have a lot of sexual experience but when i do have  have sex I never consider using condoms simply because i enjoy bareback sex and I know that woman enjoy the experience of having there womb flooded by hot *****, its a fact of life and a  natural desire.
When the woman has asked for protection I agree without question and don,t question them or try to coerce them , as they obvioulsy know what limits they want to go for.
At the  heart of my desires for bareback sex is that i hope that the woman will become pregnant , i don think afterwards ' oh my god i hope she is not pregnant'.
I want her to get pregnant and i know that when she tells me, I will fuss over her, take care of her and protect her when she is in the gestation period, and  not only that, i am going to enjoy making love to her when she is  preggy!
I am actively on a number of sites where i have made if clear that i want to hear from any woman , no matter what her circumstances, if she want to be pregnant i am very happy to help and will make efforts to give immotional and financial support for the long term. Get in touch John         
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1 Response Feb 28, 2012

I read this 4 kids later smh

that's too bad, would love to oblige you with a baby and would be thrilled if you did it for me but I think it would be too complicated with you having a big family already