Never Will I Ever

I don't use birth control of any type and my ***** is a no condom zone. =]
MoiraEthne MoiraEthne
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free and natural is exciting and feels so right ;-)

That's the only way it should be. :)

MMMMMMMMMMMM my kind of girl. :-)

You are perfect lol :3

You're sweet.

bareback is fun until you catch a disease

Well then in the end I guess it\'s good I\'ve only ever had sex with my husband and am completely disease free.

Mmm just the way I like it bet it taste good

I love women like you!

May I enter that zone? :)

love women like you, bareback is the only way to ****!!

atta girl ... and if you're ever in need, i've got enough *** stored up inside me to flood your yummy *****... or your mouth... or both!

Sounds like my kind of woman. Since you said you don't engage in sex often with him, it also sounds like your husband has no clue how lucky/fortunate he really is. <br />
<br />
What a waste of a sweet sexy woman. That's the worst kind of crime, being wasteful like that. :P<br />
<br />
Here's hoping he wakes up and things get better soon. :)

A woman after my heart. Love skin to skin

If you do become sexually active outside of your marriage, you should consider the use of condoms. A male can pass herpes along and infect a woman. She can develop full blown herpes and he may have no symptoms ever. Something to think about.

lol, i would never **** someone with any std's gross. I'm proudly std free and plan on staying that way.

And all the people who have STDs planned to get them? lol. He's saying there's no way to tell because there may not be any outward symptoms. The only safe way to have sex without a condom is to have both parties tested for STDs.