8 Years Without Bc

I havent since I got married. That was eight years ago.
We don't use any kind of birth control. We really don't need to. My husband suffered a medical condition that reduced his fertility. We have twins who were born after IVF.
Since I don't mess with my natural periods or my hormones, I have pretty nasty PMS. I don't have physical pains, but my mood gets awful. That's the dark side... The bright one is that I am highly sexual and on my fertile days it gets even better, lol. I remember that taking the pill reduced my libido a bit, and I skipped those peaks I get now on from days 11 to 18 of my period.
I have never used condoms or any kind of birth control other than the pill in the past, but I am always been monogamous and with a single sexual partner my whole life.
I don't care if I get pregnant. It would be a blessing really! I'd love a natural pregnancy. But I don't think much about it... I have my family now :-)
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1 Response May 19, 2012

We don't use birth control since we got married either but you prob guessed that. I symphathise with your moods, I can get like that too but it has been a lot better since I started taking a multi vitamin every day, vitamin B6 and calcium are good for pms. So too star flower oil or evening primrose. Maybe that might help you too.

Hopefully :o)