I Don't Need Them

Well I have no need because I use my cashpoint card to withdraw money from my bank account and then I always pay cash. When I buy really expensive things I usually buy them online. I recently bought an electric bass with amp and accessories and an extremely powerful pc that arrived with the mail a few weeks ago. Perhaps some day I will get a credit card but for now it is not necesary.
Wraither Wraither
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3 Responses Dec 11, 2007

I'm glad you mentioned the "building credit", anti. I don't use credit cards because I was one of those "dumb" people in the past. But I've come to see, we actually need ONE to help boost credit scores! Not having any bad debt repotrs look good, but some places go by the "score", not actual debt listings. I've even run into trouble trying to get a propane gas account for heat due to the credit score! So keep in mind SOMEDAY you might want one just for the purpose of having bills and vehicles in your name. :)

i think credit cards are pointless. i also think a system based on credit, instead of the actual amount of money that you have, is quite frankly, dumb. <br />
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my sister has a nice big house, 2 new suvs, new furniture.....all of which she got on credit [she could never have afforded it on her own, and certainly not all at once]. now shes in so much debt, her only way out would be bankruptcy, if even the slightest thing went wrong in her life. <br />
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not everyone with credit cards mess up this way. some are smart and do what solarxmoon does, which is just buy one thing at a time, and pay it off right away [which is an excellent way to build credit]. but i'm just not gonna risk it. i'd rather buy what i can and save what i need. and if something happens, i know everything will be ok.

I just use my debit card or cash. I have one credit card for a particular store because you get discounts when you use it, but I always pay it off immediately when I buy something, so it doesn't really count.