Deodorant Is Ridiculous

And possibly dangerous. Who knows what effects those chemicals really have on our health over time.

What is wrong with the natural scent of a person? For me, the natural scent is the best aphrodesiac going. I cannot resist a woman with a sweaty aura! I'm not talking about filthy smelling, I'm talking about a good, clean, pungeant smell of natural fresh body odor.

I despise all the unnatural scents of deodorants / colognes / perfumes / etc that we've been conditioned by the personal care product marketeers to equate with cleanliness. I would consider buying into that hype to be an inslut to my intelligence.

And I think some people are programmed to repress sexual stimulation and/or don't want to be stimulated randomly by others, so they insist "body odor smells bad". It's not "bad", it just distracts them from their non-sexual comfort zone.


"Human pheromones may be defined as natural chemicals produced by an individual and transferred by air that affects the sexual physiology of another individual. They are believed to send out subconscious scent signals to the opposite sex that trigger very powerful responses."

"Sobel and Brown (2001) reported that men and women's brains respond to two putative pheromones-related to testosterone and estrogen, when men smelled a compound similar to estrogen, increased blood flow to the hypothalamus was documented. In turn, female participants experienced increased blood flow to the hypothalamus when exposed to the testosterone-like compound. These researchers found that the testosterone-like compound existed in men's sweat at levels 20 times that of women's. They monitored the results using sophisticated brain imaging techniques."

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1 Response Dec 11, 2012

Not planning on having my face in your armpit...but as Redd Foxx once said "Doesn't matter if you're the Queen of England or a sterno bum...ya gotta wash your *** everyday!" Do you?

Good points; and thanks for not planning to put your face in my armpit, dude! FYI, since you're curious enough to ask, I wash my *** with water after every ****. Call me anal if you choose. I can let my balls get nice and sweaty but can't stand a ****** ***, and simply wiping just doesn't get it clean. So the answer is 'not necessarily, but I wash it exactly when it needs to be'.

FYI..just curious and making a point myself but do agree with your assessment concerning chemicals in deodorants! You're a well informed man! kudos!

Thanks! Take care!