I Do Use Deodorant, But It Doesn't Count.

I use a product called Mineral salts deodorant stones. It is just a salt that they dig out of the ground and you wet the stone and rub it under your arms where it leaves a thin film of the salts. When your sweat first leaves your body it is odorless and sterile. When your sweat comes into contact with the bacteria that lives on your skin the bacteria multiplies and causes the odor. The bacteria can not thrive in the mineral salts environment and therefore no odors at all. It works amazing and it is totally non toxic so it is like not wearing anything at all with none of the bad side effects. I found it at the best price anywhere, only $4.95 for a 4.25oz. One of these will last well over a year so it saves a lot of money. You can get them at http://www.greenvirginproducts.com.

greenlover1 greenlover1
Mar 15, 2010