For The Past 3 Years

For the past 3 years, I've made a conscious decision to NOT turn on the heater in my house. We live in California, so it doesn't normally reach below freezing temperatures. Plus our house was built in the 1930's, with paper thin windows and zero insulation.  It's all lath and plaster.  When we did turn on the heat, it would come out of the ducts and go right out the windows. It seemed like a HUGE waste of money to me.  Of course, no one else living here cared because they never paid the bill.

Well, last night, the heater turned itself on. We woke up to a disgusting, dusty, burning smell. Apparently, the temperature got so low last night, in the high 20's, and it turned itself on!  I've been telling the kids the pilot light was out because it wouldn't turn on from the wall switch. . . who knew?  For a moment, while I was standing next to one of the heater outlets, it felt really nice. I mean, waking up in the morning and seeing your breath while you're still in bed is somewhat alarming and doesn't inspire one to get up!

Quickly I snapped out of it, much to my children's chagrin, and turned the heater off, again.  It's going to be another movies in bed with the dogs morning. 

I get it, it's cold up in here.  My bff says what I'm doing to the kids by keeping it off is borderline child abuse.  I say, we're actually closer, literally!  Now when we do go into a heated house, our cheeks turn red and we're hot.  I've read that doctors see more children in the hospital due to heat than cold.  We haven't been nearly as sick and we snuggle, a lot.  :)  In my eyes, I could be doing a whole lot worse.  

So, that's it.  I've lived somewhat successfully without a heater for 3 years and saved a whole lot of money!
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Brrr...I'm cold just thinking about it, lol. I'm in the midwest and we'd literally freeze (along with the pipes and everything else) in the winter w/o heat! I could only imagine how much money we'd save though....we could probably retire early if we didn't have to pay for heat ever again! ;)

ouch! That is expensive just to keep your home warm in the winter. We also have a fireplace but we don't use it that much. It'll keep the upstairs warm, but the downstairs gets even colder cause the heat don't kick on. As a kid my parents had electric heat and kept the temp way down. I remember waking up to get myself and younger siblings ready for school. I'd start the kerosene heater in the kitchen and we'd all hover around dreading having to go get dressed and ready, lol.

I realize I couldn't really impose such thrifty-ness this if we didn't live in California. Last week when the temps got below freezing, I almost broke down, but the damn heater beat me to it! :) We have a fireplace, and I do use it. We all huddle up in the living room and some nights fall asleep here too. It does save money, if you live somewhere that rarely freezes.

It is crazy to think a small space heater could be considered the cheaper way to go!

Wow that is some determination. I keep the house at 65 and get all kinds of crap from my daughter. I told her the next time I see her touch the thermostat she's getting the bill.

Right? I'm actually kind of pissed off that my heater had the nerve to turn itself on! What heater does that? Is there really some switch that is flipped when the temp gets too cold? I really don't know. But now that my family knows that it does work, they won't stop talking about it!
I know I sound like a hard ***, but I'm really not. I just don't like to waste money on pg&e. I like that you threaten with the bill. I'm quite sure I will be doing the same when our next bill comes, or at the very least have a big sit down to show them how much more it costs. It will be interesting.