Help Save The Planet...

...and cut out toilet paper for a day.
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i go in the morning just before my shower

I have a very smooth *** (see my photos) so I can see when it's dirty, allow myself toilet paper sometimes when I'm in the mood for luxury.

I went to Sri Lanka for a fortnight some years ago. No one uses toilet paper there. I got used to it, but went back to my old ways when I got home.

Probably easy with a smooth arse like yours, easier to inspect! Ihave a little bit of hair in my crack, so using just water will be a little messy.


i'm too organised to go for no.2 during day like an undisciplined person (makes sense to get it out of the way first thing doesn't it?) but if u mean in an absolute emergency, yes i'd used toilet paper, u won't see me cleaning my *** at the sink! mite get some unwanted attention...

i try avoid eating in the evening 'cause that could lead to an unexpected delivery in the afternoon, so best to eat a big breakfast or lunch so it has time to travel in time for morning before 7, avoid spicy food too.

thats when i just have a protein shake or even just a pint of milk, cope same way with hunger after alcohol at night, keeps me slim too ;)

no I have lots of alcohol at night but drink milk or a protein shake afterwards so i'm not tempted to crave some food

no i eat loads but mostly in the morning, healthier and then only one **** to take care of each day after breakfast, new food comes in old goes out, same pattern every day, makes it easier to concentrate on work or some other fun activity for rest of day, more convenient.

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what do you use instead?