Will It Work This Time?

I'm in a relationship with a guy at my school. We like each other a lot and when we're by ourselves I never want him to leave. But when he's around his guy friends, he is distant from me and shows lack of usual affection. I'm not trying to sound like one of those super paranoid girlfriends who always thinking "did I do something wrong? Is he embarrassed of me? Does he not want to be seen with me?" Here's the thing: This isn't the first time we've dated. Sometime in... um, I want to say October, we went out for two weeks, and he had absolutley no problem with PDA. We're never the couple who's always sucking each other's face in public, but we would at least hold hands and give each other small but sweet kisses. Today, we had STAR testing and only the sophmores had to be at school at normal time because we had one more section of the test to take. I'm a sophmore and he's a freshman, but he takes the bus so he had to come early. There was barely anyone on the bus when he decided to let me cuddle with him; I fell asleep holding his hand and laying on his chest. After school, the bus was packed as usual, and he didn't even sit on the same side as me. And when we are at school, I always have to ask him for a kiss, or even a hug when we separate to go to different classes or hang with our friends. And I don't see him that much at school so I know I'm not being clingy. I better talk to him about it.
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Sounds like you already have the answer

you seem to know the first thing you should do: talk to him. tell him how you feel. clarify exactly what your relationship is. theprince2374 is right. some guys are afraid to show their affection around friends.

Its ok some guys are affaid of showing affection arround their buddies. Sorry to say that