Guys Scare Me

I have a fear of guys. I am not used to being around guys. The only guys that I have ever hung out with are my cousins and my brothers, other than that I never really talked to guys before. My friends and I realized that I had a problem when I freaked out. They noticed because every time our guy friend would was near us I would move away. I thought I was just uncomfortable around guys, but our guy friend proved it was way more. Now he always scares me by putting his hand on my shoulder and by trying to make me touch his beard. When he does I always flip out and pull away. Although she is always laughing along with the rest of the group, his girlfriend (lol my saving grace), usually manages to pull him away.

I am not totally sure why I am afraid of guys, but I think it's because I don't want to get my heart broken. Growing up, all I heard from the guys I was around was "hit and quit it" and things like that. My brothers, their friends, and my male cousins all talked about girls they slept with like they were trash. I am afraid of being that girl. I don't want to fall for a guy and end up being just another one night stand. With my luck I'll get a guy who wants nothing but sex, a guy who will talk about me like I am nothing, but his latest bed warmer.

The other night my female friend and I went to the store and while we were heading towards the cashier we passed an aisle with a group of guys, they were in their early twenties and rather handsome (I saw them earlier). When we passed we didn't pay them any attention, because like I said before, guys scare me and I didn't want them to tell me something if they caught me looking their way. When we passed the group I though we were in the clear, but of course they whistled. I am not sure if they whistled at me or my friend, but either way I felt so uncomfortable especially when I heard them talking about us. I wanted to crawl in a hole and die and I even asked my friend if we could walk through another aisle so we wouldn't be in their view anymore.

I know that their are some nice guys out their, but not all guys are that way.

I am not 100% if I am afraid of guys because I don't want to get my heart broken, but I know for sure that I do not want to get my heart broken, I mean, what person does?
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Suprisingly there are a lot of girls in your situation so you are not alone. You simply need to desensitise yourself to guys. Try to force yourself to get closer and closer to them and focus on staying in control. Soon you will get over it.