Lying There and Letting Go Feels Sooo Much Better!

I don't wet the bed every night; for me, its one of several different types of wetting that I love. I have a zip-up vinyl mattress cover on my bed so that I can wet it whenever I want. The other night I woke up having to pee bad. I had done one of my favorite wetting activities the previous day so I was very much in the right frame of mind. One of the things I really like to do is hold back my **** stream so it comes out a little slower, I try to do this or **** in spurts, even if I have to go really bad. The squeezing back and ******* in spurts can be very stimulating to me, everytime the flow starts again or starts to increase, its kind of like a mini ****. If I'm really desperate I can't do it, it comes out too hard, but anything short of desperate I can. Anyway, I decided I wanted to wet myself so I started wetting, holding it back a little like i like to do. I could feel it flowing down to my butt and up under my hips, and the warm wetness just kept spreading until it was all the way up almost to my shoulder blades and down to my knees. It felt so wonderful!

wetlinda wetlinda
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Would love to be there with you and soak my side of the bed as well !

Sounds like you had a wonderful time.

Wetlinda: I would ;love for you to pee all over me in bed. Have you ever done that with somebody?

Wetlinda: I would love it for you to pee all over me.

Yep, a plastic mattress cover also was what my ex-wife used. She was quite a squirter, sometimes could reach four or five feet from her *****. The cover worked very well.

Walmart. :)

That sounds like a lot of fun. I hope I can experience that with another woman!

I can just totally imagine how great that would feel and how incredible it would be to be right there next to you as you slowly let go, soaking that bed! I would certainly join you in releasing a bladderfull of my own hot pee! Fst

Very much enjoyed the description Linda - thanks

Oh the puddles. The puddles. Splashing and sloshing. Skin all slick and glistening. Humid, damp air, from the pee. That would be almost too much. I'd probably just explode from sheer joy.

Love you for it!

i want to come lay with u

Great story! I can really appreciate the feeling. I used to have a girlfriend who would wet as we lay in bed together...then it would be my turn. Those were the best times ever.

I guess there are many of us men on here who feel the same.

Mmmm we could both drink a lot of water before going to bed and then wake up in the middle of the night with bursting bladders and soak each other!

Oh Linda, it would be wonderful to be lying next to you and feel your lovely hot pee spread under me. Or, just to wake up next to you in a wet bed. That would be some start to the day!

mmm... i need to get a mattress cover ASAP =P i'm going to GoodNites, at least at night-- i want to see if i wet with them ;)

Me gusta tambien. I love to do that too.

i like to do that 2 nice story

thats hottt!!!!!!!!!

thats hottt!!!!!!!!!

I also like to let a little pee out and hold the rest.

Mmmm then maybe you could press against me and let go..sounds like twice the fun! ;)

mmmmmm that sounds like it was a long enjoyable bed wetting!