Don't Want to Take Truck to Auto Shop

I've been there 3 times already and they still haven't fixed what's wrong.  Women and auto shops are just not compatible.  We get the run around just because we are women and they are men with "superior knowledge" of mechanical things.  We get treated differently.  Is it "informal discrimination"?  Do I have to read the whole manual?  Do I have to make a study of my truck so I can get satisfaction?  It is difficult to be a woman alone in situations such as this.  I have visited dodgesucks dot com and have read about it but that doesn't change the fact that I keep having to take the truck back and back again.  If I could, I'd take it and trade the offending vehicle in, pronto!!!
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Once upon a time in a land right here. There lived a group of folks called "Friends' . Friends could usually be called upon to sort certain thing out for the mechanically cjhallenged gender. Perhaps you could barter or to get one of these elusive creatures to come to your aid?

As it is, I found a great mechanic who did it up right and didn't charge me an arm and a leg. I'm so happy with how it turned out. He's burly alright. And he knows what he's doing. I feel I'm in safe hands. Thanks for all the advice!

I went to AAMCO because I want a warranty for a trip I'm taking across the US. That way if something happens - I'll be able to go there and not get stuck in a small town and get ripped off - hopefully. They fixed the leak but guess what - they didn't fill the tranny to the top - now I have to do that - what a lazy bunch. I'm calling them tomorrow and letting them know. It's a 12 mile drive and I have to wait until they are finished because bus service is horrible here.

Is there the possibility of looking around for a different auto shop? Lately it seems like there is a slow, but definite in the industry (in my part of the world at least) towards making more client oriented, which includes less attitude!

Way kewl - I wouldn't mind it if I worked at Jay Leno's shop and didn't get greasy! LOL

My daughters' mother was an excellent mechanic, and she was a girly girl if I ever saw one.

Thanks for the good advice - a record book is a great idea. And taking a burly lookin man along is also great!

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I have experienced the same thing. <br />
Finally, I got a tall dark mean looking Hispanic son in law who is also a mechanic. He took care of a lot of things and taught me stuff. <br />
Now, he is out of the picture BUT I know a little more about how to handle myself with mechanics. <br />
<br />
FIND someone like this. Even take some man with you and let them assume he is your husband. <br />
<br />
Go to a classs on mechanics for Adults.<br />
<br />
Anything, WOMEN need to turn the tide on these guys.<br />
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I know the lingo and the basic parts of my car that most often break down PLUS PLUS, I keep a record book of when service was done and by whom so that when some tells me for the second time that thus and thus needs to be fixed or replaced, I can show them that it was just done and should last X number of miles or years. <br />
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Good luck,<br />
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Find SOMEBODY who is willing to go with you.<br />
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