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We live at modern times,we can take everything,we can contact each other easily on the internet, we can read everything on the internet.But,we got one problem.. Information is really easily to find,this is the big problem..It makes us Lazy about search something..Just think yourself,aren't you lazy to search something on the internet for a 2 hour or 3 hour ? Also,If you look old generations,they were clever than us, werent they? New generations say; ' Oh I got homework,I can't read a book!' ' Oh, I don't waste my time to searching this thing on the internet for 2 hour! I gotta do something' I am 20 years old,and I am too lazy.I feel sometimes stupid.I was very stupid about life at past but, I have been reading books for 3 years, I can feel that,I have opened my mind.I can think different than others,I am really eager for information,but I am lazy to search something on internet even its really easily.. Its not my personal problem,Its modern times problem.I am sad about that; Old generations were clever than us,and they were not lazy.. They have lived a 'real' life..They didn't waste time for stupid things.. I hope, I am mistake about easily information on the internet..I hope,new generations'll be clever as old generations. but I don't think so..
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Your comment is quite insightful. Those of the older generation and I want to include myself in this, did not have the internet ... we had to read and research books - many books. The reading of books has been replaced by the internet. And even with the internet one wonders if the information provided are true or adequate! My sons thank me every so often that I "made them read" books. They are still avid readers. They love history, and, like me, love research. Do not limit yourself in your reading ... try to get varying views on one subject before coming to a conclusion!

when I was watching television one day,someone said that; we got internet,we can find informations easily,but we don't do that.We just use internet in order to join facebook,twitter,or do chat. Its really true,last generations didn't able to reach informations easily,but they were clever than new generations.Why? I think they had confident.. New generations are just playing with their Ipad,Iphone,like these things..They don't think, ' I live in this world so,I must do something'

Glad that your eyes are being opened. Use these modern technologies to your advantage. Let not be your master to rule over you ... but a tool or a means to advance you



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