I Don't Want A Funeral

I am not a religious person and I see the sorrow death brings people and I know a funeral is a way of saying good-bye. In my eyes I don't want a room full of people mourning and sad speeches about the fact I am gone, I want a "celebration of life". I always say that if you cant be happy that I lived then don't be sad I am gone. I want people to laugh at the silly things I have done, the times we shared together and the person I was. I want to donate my organs, get cremated then have my ashes put in fireworks so when people are celebrating and see fireworks they think of me with a smile. At my celebration of life party there will be music, dancing, laughing, a letter written by me finishing off night with fireworks. That is the way to leave this world, celebrating you as a person and the things that makes you happy
thecrazyaussie thecrazyaussie
Sep 23, 2012