Bore Me!

I get so bored in relationships! the longest one i have had was about 2 1/2 months!
I get itchy feet and just have to get away! i pick out their flaws etc!!

Im to busy in my life now i have too many things important to me going on like my jump, holidays, best friend activities etc so i just have no time for any guy LONG TERM!!!

My last boyfriend (above one) made me forget about my friends and family to spend more time with him! i mad ehim the centre of my life and all that came crashing down so i had to really apologise to everyone for being such a knobhead about it all!!

I do realise there are lovely guys out there who wouldnt do anything to hurt me like that! i have met alot but i just dont want to go that one step further just yet! But when i do ill be sure to let you guys know first!!!! =-)
sazead sazead
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2 Responses Mar 26, 2007

Aww thankyou for commenting! <br />
That is my idea on life! n ill never let A man rule my life i am my own person n thats how it will stay!!

the key to a healthy relationship is one healthy boundaries and two being able to have independent activities * i used to be the queen for codependent relationships after three yrs of mental abuse in a marriage if a guy wasnt being controlling or mean to me i thought something was wrong ?? * but the way you are looking at is very healthy i commend you for that just keep doing what your doing and dont ever let a man rule your world !!!