Cloth Bag Craz(y)

No part of me is interested in becoming part of the cloth bag craze that currently abounds in most check out lines…particularly grocery stores. One can often feel the sense of a liberation that abounds in the store, as new found ecologists shoppers emerge with pride in the check out line... and they toss their cloth bag with an air of true social consciousness on the check out counter and declare loudly for all to admire, “Please NO plastic, I have brought my own bag(s)!

Have you noticed the array of colours and statements these cloth bags have? Different social conscious logos each stating the significance of the earth and the awareness of the earth and resources for all people. Free water! Free Air! Free Love! These free spirit shoppers seem to want to be just as groovy as the hipsters from the 60’s minus all the beads and bangles... and all by flaunting a seemingly funky and earthy burlap or paper bag!!! C'mon! Free speech and Peace Walks took way more effort that this!!! AGH!

Isn’t it interesting to watch most of these cloth bag owners complete their purchases and walk calmly and casually outside towards their stinky smelly gas fumed cars? The humungous pieces of metal that will damage the lungs of animals and humans alike? Where’s the protection for the free air? These same people ARE fixated on environment friendly products...right?

When this cloth bag craze runs its course, which I believe it will as any other fad that’s run its course… is there remotely any possibility that the banning of the car is anywhere next in the environment safety equation? The cloth bag shoppers might be replaced with new shoppers stating, “No thanks, I don’t need help out to my car, please just take my things out to my pull wagon or bicycle basket. I am cool enough not to drive a car!!! I am hip to the environment and the earth, bro.”

But no, I don’t think this would happen because most people today do not want to be inconvenienced with something that might be too inconvenient. It is easy to be earthy and an environmentalist when we don’t have to stand on icecaps and demand rights for the seal..purchase the plastic boots instead of the leather; or give up our favourite steak house. Which brings us back to the cloth bag craze.

I have wondered when standing in line behind a cloth bag customer how many plastic bags, if any, that they have stored at their homes. Have they really gotten rid of all the plastic bags? What about baggies? Do they still use baggies? Or do they wrap their sandwiches in wax paper like we did in the 60’s? When I look on the shelves in the supermarket, I see countless supplies of different brands of sandwich baggies – so someone is buying them besides me. What about large green garbage bags? Are people still using those? (Has someone produced a large cloth disposable garbage bag?) How many animals and water life have become trapped in these particular types of eroding plastics left in the landfill or abandoned to fly aimlessly through our tender earth? Isn’t there a hell of a lot more plastic to deal with in these bags than in the store shopping bags that the cloth bag shoppers are running from? I don’t know, I’m not a mathematician, but I would guess larger might be worse. Isn’t there more to break down? So why the %$#))!! do we insist we won't accept a plastic bag to take our grocery food items home in, but once we've EATEN the food, there is NO problem to use a plastic bag to throw the REMAINS in the lane.

Personally, I would like to follow some of these cool cloth bag shoppers home from the store and have a gander in their outdoor garbage cans. What are they storing their garbage in? Have they gone back to the paper bag that we used in the 50’s and 60’s? and if so, where do I purchase some of these bags? It would be interesting to find out and also would be helpful to have, not only for garage but for mailing things parcel post. Remember the days when we cut up old paper grocery bags at Christmas time to mail things off ? Now we have to pay for brown paper packaging at the postal desk. I noticed that they also sell plastic mailing envelopes to help keep things dry. How wacky is that? Isn't that plastic dangerous to the mallard duck? quack ...quack...quack.

No, I would confidently guess that most of these people are still using either various store plastic bags or green garage bags to dispose of their garbage. So how is this saving the earth? My gut tells me that without an audience in the store lines behind these cool cloth shoppers at the garbage cans at home, these earthy ecologically aware individuals handle their garbage bags with little or no thought to the possible duck that is lying out in a lagoon with a ring of discarded plastic binding him from flight. Toss piles of plastic **** into the cans and head back in the house to drink some of the FREE water they keep in their taps for a cup of tea.

Listen, I too love the earth and the environment and it would be ignorant and illogical for me to declare that the dangers of plastic to our environment was’nt real and an issue to address. But I believe we are working backwards here. Shouldn’t we have found an alternative to the plastic garbage bags for both lawn and home before declaring the cloth bag craze? I would be happy to give up plastic in the grocery line if someone would come forward and tell me what the alternative packaging for garbage can be. I don’t want to save a duck in the grocery line, so to speak, and murder him at the trash can!

Along with most of the cloth bag customers are the ban the water bottle bunch, who are often one and the same. These are the people that want us to know that it is nolonger cool to drink purchased bottle water! In fact, we must ban this socially unacceptable beverage even from our schools, they say! We would much rather our kids purchase a bottle of pop than a bottle of water because the world needs to know that water should be a free resource for all!??? Sorry, but I think most people you know will tell you that even with this new craze they are still receiving a water bill each month! What’s up with that? If these environmentalist are going to go to town on this and they want some of us to jump on the band wagon, I strongly suggest that they at least take care of addressing free water for ALL! Not to mention that juvenile diabetes is at a rate that we have never seen before, so sip on that while your teen waddles away from the vending machine!

But of course, with the ban the water bunch, I am neglecting the other important part of their campaign which is that these plastics from the bottles are filling up our landfills. I need to be fair! Here is their case: The plastics don’t break down easily and are causing undue harm to our earth. Again, I would love to jump on the bottle plastic bandwagon and join the others that snarl at the bottle, but I still have not been able to differentiate between the pop bottle, the juice bottle, and the water bottle. Is the pop/juice bottles less harmful to the environment? Don’t they also poison our earth and bodies with not only the outside but the often the contents on the inside, much more than water? Again, until they decide to really get cool and to ban ALL plastics, I am sipping at my Evian water bottle as I drive in my gas emitting station wagon on the way to the dump to toss my large garbage bag(s) full of earthly disguarded treasures into the dump!

Yes, the next time you are at the grocery store you will recognize me when you hear me declare, “Plastic. I will take 6 plastic bags for my least!!!” Because until someone addresses where we are going to put our garbage, the subject remains for me a whole load of natural ****!!!!!!

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You mean that we should all use as many plastic bags as we can? That any savings at all is wasted?

LMBO @ this story! Loved the rant! I DO use plastic grocery bags, cause they become my bathroom and livingroom trashcan liners. Except in the winter, I use a few brown bags (there goes a few trees!) cause they work great for getting the fire started in my wood stove! (ooops, more trees gone!)

I think the Yahoo! news article concerning the couple that managed to get through a whole year producing but a few handfuls of garbage may interest you.<br />
<br />
If they can do it, so can we...